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5 Signs Your Generator Needs Repair Work

5 Signs Your Generator Needs Repair Work

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Getting a backup or standby generator for your home is a great way to protect your home from power outages and surges. However, owning one also means you’ll have to take good care of it. Keeping your generator healthy is key to keeping your home powered during bad weather. The last thing you want during a winter storm is to discover that your generator is broken. We often suggest generator owners get inspections for their generator at least once or twice a year. However, it’s also a good idea to know when you should call us for some generator repair work.

Here are five symptoms of a generator that needs repair:


Damaged electrical components

When you look over your generator, ensure every electrical component is working properly. A single component can prevent your generator from working if it needs replacing.


Slow starting

Standby generators should have little to no delay from when the power goes out to it starting up. If there’s a delay or it doesn’t turn on at all, there’s likely a problem with the engine and/or battery. Both of these are big problems, but the battery can be especially nasty. Battery problems can cause further damage to your generator’s engine.


General alerts

Odds are you don’t work with your generator regularly, so you might have trouble noticing issues with it. Luckily, some modern generators run weekly automatic self-tests and inform you of any problems. You’ll have to do the tests yourself if you don’t get automatic tests. Manufacturer instructions usually advise on when to inspect their products, but you can tweak it from there based on your usage and needs.


Visible damage

Visible damage is an obvious sign your generator needs repairs. For the first several years of your generator’s life, you likely won’t see much wear and tear. However, they can still take damage from bad weather, falling branches, and more. If you see any cracks, dents, water damage, or damaged wiring, give us a call. Even minor surface damage can hint at worse damage on the inside.


Leaking and puddles

Generators can face a variety of problems after long periods of use. Older, worn down generators may start leaking gas or fluids. As well as being bad for your generator, the leaks can cause some safety hazards. If you see leaks or strange puddles during your inspections, let us know as soon as possible.


Why call Ryan Gath Electric to get your electronics fixed up?

If you need a backup generator installed, call Ryan Gath Electric. All of our technicians have years of professional experience in the installation of backup generators. We’ll make sure that your generator is installed correctly and safely. When you activate your generator for the first time, you can do it secure in the knowledge that it was installed by some of the best in the industry. Call Ryan Gath Electric today to learn more about our generator services!

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