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6 Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

6 Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

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Rewiring is a process that involves replacing your home’s old wiring with fresh, healthy wires. This is a very extensive process, but it’s important for keeping your home safe. Over time, your home’s wiring will get older and need replacing. Failure to do so can cause various electrical problems, including possible fires. However, there’s more than your safety to consider when rewiring your home.

Here are 6 ways you can benefit from rewiring your home:

Improved safety

The most obvious benefit of rewiring your home is that you’re ensuring your electrical system is safe. Old wiring and electrical systems can get very dangerous when they don’t get regular checkups and replacements. In addition, rewiring your home lets you add and update your home’s safety measures, such as smoke detectors, grounding wires, and plastic-insulated wires.

Determine your home’s wiring lifespan

If you haven’t already given your home rewiring, you likely don’t know how old your home’s wiring is. Not knowing how long your wiring has left can be dangerous, however. On average, electrical wiring can last around 20 years. Rewiring your home can let you determine the exact age of your wires and replace them as necessary.

Cheaper home insurance

Many insurance companies offer cheaper home insurance plans if your home was recently rewired. The reason for this is that your home’s wiring is safer and more reliable, reducing the likelihood of accidents. As a result, you’ll get to pay less for your insurance coverage.

Increased electrical capacity

If you live in an older house, it might not be able to handle your modern electrical needs. As a comparison, homes built before the 60s tend to have a capacity of 60 amps compared to today’s 100 amp limit. By updating your wiring, you can avoid the risk of overloading your electrical system and starting a fire.

Higher home sale value

A big selling point for any house is its safety, and that’s something that can be improved with some rewiring. Get a rewiring and an inspection, and your home’s value can increase, possibly by thousands.

Safer remodeling and extensions

If you’re considering remodeling your home or extending it, then rewiring is very important. Part of this is to ensure your new wiring is up to code with the Electrical Safety Foundation standards. The other part is to make sure your wiring can handle the new load brought by your extension or remodeling.

When you need rewiring, call the experts at Ryan Gath Electric. We’re ready to help you today!

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