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AFCI Outlet

While it is unpleasant to think about, unfortunately, electrical problems are among the leading causes of fires in the United States each year. Thankfully, most modern electrical systems are heavily protected from electrical fires due in large part to the circuit breaker that limits voltage through the home. But another important fixture which you may not already have installed is an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) outlet. While AFCI breakers, an alternative to AFCI outlets, can be a good line of defense against arc faults as well, your breaker panel may not be set up for this. With an AFCI outlet installed in every room, you get optimal protection against potentially deadly fires.

The Ryan Gath Electric team can help to protect your family with AFCI outlets. When you decide it’s time to update the outlets in your home, get in touch with one of our skilled electricians. We have all of the experience necessary to evaluate your home and determine where AFCI outlets are most needed. Whether it’s replacing older receptacles or installing new outlets in the home, our electricians will work hard to meet your every need and keep your home as safe as possible.

Ryan Gath Electric provides AFCI outlet installation in Chelmsford, MA and the surrounding areas to Southern NH and Southern ME

What Does an AFCI Outlet Do?

The primary function of an AFCI outlet is to protect your home from an electrical fire (and, of course, to give you a place to plug in your electronics). An arc fault may occur for several reasons, but it usually has to do with a decaying or damaged wire. This may be because the wire is simply old or it could be due to physical damage, perhaps caused by animal bites or nails. An AFCI outlet helps to shut off power to the area in case of an arc fault, so that there is no risk of overheating which could then lead to fire.

What’s the Difference between AFCI and GFCI Outlets?

GFCI outlets are particularly important in any area of the home with plumbing installations in place. This type of outlets also help to protect against faults: ground faults. You may recognize these outlets by the “test” and “reset” buttons on the plate, though these are present in AFCI outlets too. So what’s the difference? Ground faults occur when there is an imbalance in the current flowing to an outlet, which energizes electrical appliances and could lead to electrical shock. The GFCI outlet trips the breaker as soon as the imbalance is detected. You can install both a GFCI and an AFCI receptacle in some areas for added protection against both electrical shock and fires.

We Install AFCI Outlets in Chelmsford, Southern NH and Southern ME

AFCI outlet installation can benefit any area of your home. Work with a professional to determine where in your home AFCI receptacle installation is most needed. The Ryan Gath Electric team can either add on electrical outlets if you’re installing new appliances and fixtures or replace existing outlets for arc fault protection. Contact a member of our team today to safeguard your home against the dangers of an electrical fire.

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