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Security options are necessary for your home no matter how safe your neighborhood is, nowadays, you need a multi-layered home security system to keep your family and home safe. Because let’s face it, from vandals that destroy your property to burglars that steal from it to fires that destroy it, you can’t possibly guard your […]

By Dan Burrows

Winter is only a month away, but we’ll likely be seeing snow before that. Fresh snow certainly looks beautiful, especially at night under the glow of outdoor lights. However, winter weather can cause a variety of problems for outdoor lighting. If you want your outdoor lights to keep your home looking it’s best during the […]

By Brian Renadette

Switches, plugs, and outlets are all ways you can interact with your electrical system. Because they’ll get a lot of use, they’re prone to wearing down. Not only are these inconvenient when they wear down, but they’re also a danger. You should never ignore something that increases your risk of electrocution or house fire. When […]

By Brian Renadette

Getting a backup or standby generator for your home is a great way to protect your home from power outages and surges. However, owning one also means you’ll have to take good care of it. Keeping your generator healthy is key to keeping your home powered during bad weather. The last thing you want during […]

By Brian Renadette

Lighting is one of the many factors in what makes up a room’s aesthetic. A room’s lighting can greatly change how a room looks, works and contributes to a house’s overall value on the market. Recessed lighting is a kind that is implanted in a room’s ceiling instead of hanging from a unit. When they’re […]

By Brian Renadette
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