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6 Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

  • Electrical

Rewiring is a process that involves replacing your home’s old wiring with fresh, healthy wires. This is a very extensive process, but it’s important for keeping your home safe. Over time, your home’s wiring will get older and need replacing. Failure to do so can cause various electrical problems, including possible fires. However, there’s more […]

By admin

Are you thinking about upgrading some areas throughout your home? If so, look no further than your electrical system! Your home’s electricity is the best place to start – it’s the center of your whole home. Because we use it so often, it’s important to keep things running smoothly and safely. Here are a few […]

By Maggie Tobin

Used in America from 1880 to the late 1940’s, knob-and-tube wiring is an early style of electrical wiring identifiable by its white, ceramic, spool-like knobs. It still exists in some old homes, and it presents several dangers to modern-day tenants. If you happen to have some in your home, be sure to let us know […]

By Brian Renadette

Safety is a big priority, which means every home needs a functioning smoke and CO detector. Maintaining your home can be overwhelming to the point that it’s easy to forget about your detectors in the first place, but like any appliance, they too need routine maintenance. House fires can be devastating, causing a great deal […]

By Maggie Tobin

Here in New England, we’re used to storms year round. Whether it’s a blizzard, nor’easter, a hurricane or just a heavy rains, power outages are always a possibility. An outage is not only a major inconvenience, it can lead to damages as well as potential safety hazards. Here at Ryan Gath Electric, we want to […]

By Maggie Tobin
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