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Temperatures are continuing to climb outdoors, so it’s likely that you will be spending more and more time indoors to beat the heat. When you run your AC constantly, it can cause your electric bill to skyrocket. To stay cool and save money, here are a few things that you can do when using your […]

By Maggie Tobin

Exterior lighting upgrades are perfect for the holidays. After all, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year—and if you own a store, restaurant, or other business, they can also be the busiest! That’s why the holiday season is the perfect time to consider having some exterior lighting upgrades done. There are many […]

By Dan Burrows

Common Electrical Issues

  • Electrical

Common Electrical Issues Winter is here, and you’re probably using more electricity much more than usual. With all the lights, appliances, and the furnace constantly running, there’s a good chance you’ll run into electrical issues. Whether it’s bad wiring, a damaged appliance, or a power surge, electrical problems can happen at any time. The good […]

By admin

Generators are a backup source of electricity and can be absolutely crucial to some homeowners in order to keep their basements dry, their homes warm, and their food cold. Whatever your reason for wanting a backup generator, the technicians at Current Electric can offer the perfect solution for any budget. Types of Generators While there […]

By Dan Burrows

Solar Panel Systems

  • Electrical

Solar panel systems provide a clean and renewable source of energy for residential buildings. They can also help homeowners lower their energy bills, leading to considerable savings over the years. If you are interested, consider the following information. Types Solar panel systems for residential buildings are available in two main types, off-grid and grid-connected. Off-grid […]

By Dan Burrows
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