Home Automations And How They Can Help You

Home Automations And How They Can Help You

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Home automations seem like a daunting endeavor. But in reality, setting your home up with home automation systems can provide massive benefits to energy efficiency, convenience, and home security. Find out how in this blog!

Benefits of Home Automations

Energy Savings

Saving on electricity and heat are two of the most noticeable improvements you will notice with various home automation systems. Having the ability to automatically turn lights off when nobody is in the room can reduce the strain on your electric bill. In terms of heat, some systems allow you to control your thermostat either through a schedule or from your phone. 

The same systems can help you close shades, turn off ceiling fans, cut power to appliances, and more. If you set up everything from one control center, you can even cut power to all appliances or devices that are tied into the system at once. This can result in huge savings for your home through significantly improved energy efficiency.


Home automations allow for a massive convenience factor with the ability to control your home devices from one place. What makes it even more convenient is that it can be done through your smartphone or a central control unit in your home.

Home Security Automations

Home security additions can tie into your home automation system quite easily. There are plenty of ready out-of-the-box solutions that can communicate with your smartphone. These solutions will send you notifications after being triggered by motion detectors. Their surveillance camera will capture the detected movement and send you a recorded clip to your smartphone so you can review the activity yourself, even if you’re not home. There are automations that can also lock doors, close shades, and more!

If you have considered any home automations for your home, call Ryan Gath today so we can help advise and install any necessary equipment! Be sure to check out our terrific reviews!

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