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GFCI Outlet Installation

When you think about all of the ways that you utilize electricity in your home, it becomes pretty clear just how valuable a safe and effective electrical system truly is. Without proper electrical services, fires and electrical shocks could be possible. One of the best ways to keep your electrical outlets safe for the people in your home is by installing GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets in the areas that need them the most. GFCI outlet installation is important in places where you use plumbing because these trip the circuit breaker if the current flowing to an appliance is not quite right. In other words, it shuts off the power if there is any risk of electrical shock near a water source.

The professional electricians at Ryan Gath Electric offer GFCI outlet installation to Chelmsford, MA, Southern NH, and Southern ME. We can replace an existing outlet or add an outlet to any area in which you want to add an appliance safely. Let our experts assess the outlets in your home and help you determine whether you need additional services for your safety and peace of mind. Put your trust in our experienced electrical team today. Give us a call to schedule GFCI outlet services in your home.

Ryan Gath Electric provides GFCI outlet installation services in Chelmsford, MA, Southern NH, and Southern ME. 

Where Do I Need GFCI Outlets the Most?

You may already have GFCI outlets in some areas of your home: just look for any outlets which have a “test” and “reset” button on the unit. These outlets help to prevent electrical shock, which is why many homes already have these outlets in bathrooms and kitchens. However, if you have an older home with outdated wiring, this may not be the case. In some cases, you’ll need rewiring services in order to allow for the installation of GFCI outlets. This is true if your home contains knob and tube wiring—which is the case in many homes built before the 1940s.

While bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most important areas of the home to consider GFCI outlet installation in, a laundry room, crawlspace, basement, utility room, or garage may require these outlets as well. In fact, homeowners with small children sometimes decide it’s safest to upgrade the entire home. You may also consider AFCI outlet installation (arc fault circuit interrupter) or both AFCI and GFCI protection in certain areas. Unlike ground faults, which can lead to electric shocks, arc faults (caused by damaged wires) can lead to a fire.

GFCI Outlet Installation in Chelmsford and the Surrounding Area

When you decide it’s time to upgrade the outlets in your home, seek out the help of the experts at Ryan Gath Electric. We offer both AFCI and GFCI outlet installation for maximum coverage against deadly fire and shocks. Our experts care just as much about the safety of your home as you do, which is why we’ll treat your home with respect, take every precaution to protect your electrical system, and carefully inspect and test your new outlets. Count on us for quality electrical service.

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