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Lifesaving Advantages of Hardwired Smoke Detectors

Lifesaving Advantages of Hardwired Smoke Detectors

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hardwired smoke detector in Chelmsford by Ryan Gath

Every homeowner knows that smoke detectors are an important part of any safe home. They save plenty of lives every year by warning people of fire. Assuming you treat yours well, it can last around a decade before needing replacement. When you replace them, consider swapping them out for hardwired smoke detectors. These smoke detectors are directly connected to your home’s electrical grid. This minor design change provides major benefits for homeowners like you.

Here are just a few reasons you should switch to hardwired smoke detectors:


Secondary power source

One of the best advantages of a hardwired smoke detector is that they have two sources of power. As well as running on batteries, they constantly have a connection to your home’s power. Regular models only have battery power and you have to hope they’ll have juice for when disaster strikes. Hardwired models, with their nearly-constant source of power, will be ready for almost any fire. If a fire starts when the power is out, the battery backup is available to protect you.


High-quality heat detection

You might know how smoke detectors work by detecting smoke. However, some of the new hardwired smoke detectors also come with heat detectors. The combination of these two detectors makes your smoke detectors more accurate so they won’t go off because you burnt dinner. By improving their accuracy, you’ll be more certain a blaring smoke detector is warning of actual danger.



If you get multiple hardwired smoke detectors for your home, they can work together to protect you. Usually, smoke detectors are individual electronics that aren’t aware of what’s happening with other detectors. However, a single hardwired model can activate every alarm in a building if it detects a fire. This is especially useful in larger buildings to warn everyone before a fire gets out of hand.


What makes Ryan Gath my best choice for protecting my home?

If you need a smoke detector installation in your home, count on the help of the experts at Ryan Gath Electric. Whether you need a smoke detector installation for new construction, smoke detector replacement, or new installation for an existing home that is not yet to code, our experts can help. We’ll make sure that the smoke detector operates properly so that you can feel good about this aspect of your home safety. Call Ryan Gath today to learn more about our smoke detection services!

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