5 Advantages of a Mini-Split System in Chelmsford

5 Advantages of a Mini-Split System in Chelmsford

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mini-split system in Chelmsford by Ryan Gath

A mini-split (or ductless) air conditioner is one that’s made up of multiple indoor units connected by conduits to an outdoor unit. As the name suggests, these don’t require ductwork, pre-existing or otherwise, to run. This can make them very useful for certain homeowners. Maybe you’re looking for an easy way to cool your home without installing ductwork? Read on to learn about how a mini-split system in Chelmsford might be right for you.

Here are 5 advantages of switching to a mini-split system in Chelmsford:

Small and easy to install.

One of the more obvious advantages of a mini-split system is that it takes up less space than other systems. They don’t require ductwork, which can be nice in older buildings, and only require some small pipes and a three-inch hole in a wall to install. They’re so easy to install and non-invasive, installation could take a single day depending on the number of units installed.


Each outdoor unit can have up to four indoor units which can have individual temperature goals. This lets you have different zones to more thoroughly control your home’s temperature.

Energy efficient.

Because they don’t make use of ducts, mini-split systems are more energy efficient. Ductwork losses in central forced air systems account for more than 30% of space conditioning’s energy usage. They can lose even more if the ducts are somewhere unconditioned, like an attic. You’ll save money overall by improving your home’s temperature efficiency.


Ductwork can cause a variety of noises from debris or leaks, like whistling and banging. With a mini-split system, a professional will remove the ducts or seal the air registers. This’ll make your temperature systems much quieter. In addition, the indoor units are quieter than other units due to their lower fan speeds.

Increased air quality.

With traditional temperature systems, the ducts have to get cleaning on a regular basis. Failure to do so can result in a buildup of dust, allergens, and other nasty stuff. Even if you give them a complete cleaning, you can still leave some stuff behind. With a multi-split system, you won’t have to worry about what’s in your ducts and your home’s air will be fresher as a result.

Why should I trust Ryan Gath Electric with my home’s cooling?

For the past 9 years, Ryan Gath Electric has been helping people around Chelmsford, MA with their electrical systems. However, in addition to our electrical expertise, we also offer mini-split systems. With summer approaching, our expert electricians would like to help you ensure your home will be comfortable this summer. If you’d like to know more about mini-splits or get one installed, call Ryan Gath Electric today!

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How To Beat The Heat And Save On Cooling

How To Beat The Heat And Save On Cooling

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Ryan Gath Electric cooling tips

Temperatures are continuing to climb outdoors, so it’s likely that you will be spending more and more time indoors to beat the heat. When you run your AC constantly, it can cause your electric bill to skyrocket. To stay cool and save money, here are a few things that you can do when using your cooling system this summer:

Use a Fan When You Can

When its not painfully hot and humid outside, you shouldn’t really need to crank your air conditioner to full power at all times. No, a fan can’t cool down your entire room or your whole home like an AC can. However, it can temporarily bring the temperature down temporarily due to its wind chill factor. Some models are portable and can be brought room to room with you for maximum use. Ceiling fans are equally as useful – if not more so- as they can evenly disperse air throughout an entire room or space. Like your AC, fans should only be kept on when you’re using them. Forgetting to shut them off will lead to wasted electricity.

Use Your AC Only When Necessary

To stay cool and comfortable in your home or business, you shouldn’t have to have the thermostat set to the lowest possible temperature. By keeping the thermostat set just a few degrees higher than normal, you can save big time on your electric bill. When you’re heading to work for the day or you know that you will be out for a while running errands, you don’t need to leave your AC on. Most models can cool things down very quickly when you return. Programmable thermostats can make this easier for you – they can lower temperatures or turn off your cooling system when you need them to.

Keep Curtains Closed

Most people don’t realize that something as simple as closing your curtains, blinds, or shades during direct sunlight can help to keep the hot air out as well as trap the cool air inside. Heat from the sun can quickly raise the temperature in your home – especially if you keep the shades open all day. Not only does closing them keep the heat out, it helps to trap the cool air inside. If the temperature is already lowered in your house, you won’t need to put as much stress on your AC. This will help you save money on your utilities throughout the summer months.

Keep Your System Maintained

The most important part in keeping your cooling system working properly is professional maintenance on a regular basis. This allows a technician to fully examine and service your entire system – from the outdoor unit to the ventilation system. If there are any issues or areas of concern, they will be fixed before they have time to escalate. Routine maintenance boosts energy efficiency, reliability, and give your AC a longer lifespan. It also helps you keep the air quality in your home safe! To schedule your AC service, call Ryan Gath Electric.

Limit Heat Building Activities

As temperatures climb, you can help stay cool indoors by limiting household chores that quickly cause the heat to build up. Using your oven or stove, running the dishwasher, drying clothes in the dryer – these are all heat generating activities. Instead, you can use the microwave or grill to cook or let your clothes dry outdoors. Finding alternatives for these routine activities will help you stay cool and comfortable indoors while cutting back on your electricity bill.

Switch to Ductless with Ryan Gath Electric

Ductless cooling systems are easy to install, energy efficient, and they save you money. If you’ve decided to switch to ductless, make sure to work with the heating and air conditioning professionals at Ryan Gath Electric. Our technicians have an electrical background, giving us the advantage of providing seamless installation. With modern solutions, your home will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Call Ryan Gath Electric today to schedule your service! 

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