Four Reasons You Need a Ductless Heater in Arlington

Four Reasons You Need a Ductless Heater in Arlington

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We’ve passed the threshold: it’s officially time to start worrying about heating your home this winter. While traditional HVAC systems do an excellent job of keeping you comfortable in the cold, ductless heater options are becoming an increasingly popular option in Arlington and across Massachusetts. Their small size and surprising effectiveness do a great deal to convince homeowners of their value, but there’s even more under the surface when it comes to these newcomers to the HVAC game. 

They Work Well In Older Homes Not Conducive to Duct-work

Here in historic New England, a lot of the homes we live in date back as far as the colonial days. These older homes present a unique beauty; they just don’t make them like they used to. If you’re the proud owner of one of these homes, you probably don’t want teams coming and tearing it up for HVAC duct installations. Sadly, this used to be your only option for modern heating in an older property built before architects considered things like ductwork. Your only option, that is, until ductless heating systems arrived. A ductless system can be installed with lower cost and fewer headaches to homeowners.

You Need Heat Only in a Small Area

 In the last two years, many of us started working from home, spending extended periods of time in one room we’ve turned into makeshift home offices. If you find yourself spending most of your time at home in one or two rooms, a ductless heater can do wonders keeping your smaller space nice and toasty. Ductless heaters are designed to heat small areas primarily, it’s when you need a whole floor plan heated that ductless systems start to show their failings. But if your needs only extend to 1-3 rooms, a ductless device is probably your best bet. 

Ductless Costs Less Money

The old cliché is true: Money makes the world go round. Because of the previously mentioned easy installation process and laser-focused space heating, ductless heating options tend to be much cheaper than standard HVAC solutions. Ducted systems, while they have their benefits, aren’t always the most efficient option. With a ductless mini-split, energy loss is generally less than with a ducted system, where losses can be up to 30%. Saving that much on energy costs is nothing to joke about, and will eventually result in a net gain on your finances. 

Ductless Systems Run Cleaner

You don’t need to be one of our expertly-trained HVAC techs to know: sometimes air ducts can get downright filthy. Air ducts are notorious for being one of the primary areas for a buildup of dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants which may be harmful to your health. Ducts require frequent cleaning to maintain interior air quality and ensure occupant safety.  Eschewing ducts altogether, a mini-split denies these harmful materials an easy place to buildup and accumulate over time and also eliminates the need to frequent professional cleanings.

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