Jacuzzi Tub Installation: Call Our Experts!

Jacuzzi Tub Installation: Call Our Experts!

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Jacuzzi tub installation in Chelmsford

Are you looking to make your summers more enjoyable by adding a jacuzzi to your property? If you are, you might think you can install it yourself. However, jacuzzi tub installation is a serious job that should only be left to professionals like the ones at Ryan Gath Electric. Installing a jacuzzi tub, pool wiring, hot tub, and similar jobs are much more dangerous than any other jobs around your home.

Here are some reasons to leave your jacuzzi tub installation to our experts:

Water and electricity don’t mix

Electrical work always has an element of danger, but it’s even more dangerous when you bring water into the equation. Jacuzzi tubs are one of the few consumer electronics that mixes water and electricity. Water is very conductive and makes it likelier that you’ll get a more dangerous shock. The professionals at Ryan Gath are more than capable of dealing with dangerous electrical jobs like jacuzzi tub installations.

Electrical code concerns

The National Electrical Code (NEC) has specifics covering jacuzzis and hot tubs due to how dangerous they are to install. Electrical codes help protect people from suffering from electrical injuries due to improper installations and more. As well as being capable of dealing with dangerous electrical jobs, we’re highly knowledgeable about the NEC, so we can ensure your installation goes correctly.

Local codes

As well as the NEC, there are local electrical codes that involve jacuzzi tub installations. Because jacuzzi tubs are semi-permanent installations, local building and zoning boards want to ensure installations go properly. Unsurprisingly, having a major electrical hazard on a property greatly hurts its value. Also, some local electrical codes require an inspector to confirm the installation went properly and certify it. By doing this, they ensure that the person who installed the jacuzzi tub is licensed and not skimping out with the installation. While it may seem like an inconvenience, it’s an important step to ensuring your safety.

Why call Ryan Gath Electric for jacuzzi installations?

The electricians at Ryan Gath Electric are happy to take on your next electrical service for your pool or Jacuzzi tub. Feel as relaxed as you desire in your pool or Jacuzzi after you receive electrical services from our professionals. And trust our team to ensure the safest operation possible for years to come. Give us a call today to schedule pool and Jacuzzi electrical services in Chelmsford, MA, and the surrounding area!

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