5 Landscape Lighting Design Trends For 2023

5 Landscape Lighting Design Trends For 2023

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Outdoor lighting design trends for 2023

Landscape lighting design is becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners. From sustainable lighting to artistic lighting, there’s been a shift in the way outdoor spaces are being illuminated.  It’s no surprise that new landscape lighting design trends are emerging as we move into 2023. If you’re looking to follow the trend and upgrade your outdoor space’s design with modern landscape lighting, this blog post will provide you with 5 of the top landscape lighting design trends for 2023.  Let’s get into it!

1. Sustainable Landscape Lighting

With more people becoming aware of their carbon footprint, sustainable landscape lighting is becoming increasingly popular. By utilizing LED lights, solar-powered lights, and motion-activated lights, homeowners can reduce their energy consumption without sacrificing aesthetics. This type of landscape lighting also adds an eco-friendly element to any outdoor space and is sure to make your property stand out from the rest.

2. Artistic Landscape Lighting Design

Creative and artistic displays have become more popular when it comes to landscape lighting design. Homeowners are using string lights in creative ways to give their backyard an inviting atmosphere or adding colorful spotlights to bring attention to certain features in the yard such as trees or water features. Additionally, homeowners are looking for unique fixtures that can be used as accent pieces or installations that add texture and character to a space.

3. Smart Landscape Lighting Trend

Smart technology has been making its way into many homes over the last couple of years and this trend is not slowing down anytime soon. This type of lighting allows users to program their lights according to the time of day, create custom ambiance, set alerts for when their lights need maintenance or repair, and even control their lights remotely if they choose. Homeowners who want convenience while saving energy should definitely consider investing in smart landscape lighting in 2023.

4. Colorful Landscape Lighting Design Trend

Colorful lighting can really bring life back into an outdoor space! In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of colorful LED lights illuminating pathway edges or around a pool area creating a magical atmosphere for any occasion. Utilizing colored bulbs in light fixtures is another great way to dress up your outdoor space without breaking the bank!

5. Integrated Landscape Lighting Trend

Last but certainly not least is integrated lighting. Integrated lighting combines both form and function into one product! This type of landscape lighting allows users to light up pathways while also providing an architectural element at night by illuminating fences or walls instead of standard floodlights which only illuminate downwards towards the ground. Integrated landscape lighting provides homeowners with an aesthetically pleasing solution that adds value and security at night while keeping energy costs low during the day!

2023 Landscape Lighting Design Trends

As you can see there are plenty of innovative options when it comes to designing your outdoor space with modern landscape lighting solutions in 2023! From sustainable and smart designs to artistic installations, the possibilities are endless. You can get creative with your ideas when it comes to adding ambiance and security at night while keeping energy costs low during the day. Start planning today and give Ryan Gath Electric a call when you’re ready to make your dream outdoor space a reality! We hope this blog post gave you some insight into some of the top trends for 2023, and don’t forget to check out our Google reviews!

By Ryan Gath Electric