4 Benefits of Installing Recessed Lighting

4 Benefits of Installing Recessed Lighting

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Whether you are looking to update your home or installing lighting in a new property, choosing the right lighting fixtures is extremely important. Lighting plays a big role in setting the tone and ambiance of your space, so the type of fixture you select, as well as the placement, requires a lot of thought and careful planning. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine what choice is best for you and your family. 

While many lighting options protrude down, recessed lights install directly into your walls, ceilings, or other surface and beautifully illuminate your home without disrupting the design and flow of the space.

1. They save space

Most types of lights take up precious room in your home, but recessed lights are tucked away and fit in seamlessly with your existing surfaces. This is especially important for smaller homes or rooms where every inch of space counts. They give more breathing room without sacrificing the amount of illumination needed.

2. Makes a room feel bigger

As recessed lights take up minimal space, they can make the whole room feel bigger, compared to more clunky fixtures that protrude from the ceilings and interrupt the visual space. Because of the way these lights are installed, they wash the home’s walls with overlapping, ambient light, making the room feel both larger and brighter. 

3. They will never go out of style

Recessed lights have been around for decades, and are so simple in their design that they can fit in with any home style. They are sleek and unobtrusive and are versatile enough to complement and enhance any aesthetic. Plus, their customizability through size and color options makes them even more suitable for whatever space you need lit.

4. They are a safer option than hanging lights

Recessed lights have built in protection from normal household dust and debris that can come in contact with more exposed lighting options and run the risk of leading to house fires. Additionally, they are more tucked away from children and pets which means they are less likely to be subjected to accidents and breaking. When installed properly, they require very little maintenance and can last for decades.

Remember to always consult an experienced residential electrician to upgrade any lighting fixture in your home to make sure the job is done expertly and safely. Ryan Gath Electric’s licensed electricians are available to help with any type of lighting upgrade, discuss the benefits, and answer any questions. If you’re considering installing recessed lighting into your home, get in touch with us today.

For all of your electrical needs, call Ryan Gath Electric today!

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Security Lighting Options to Keep Your Home Safe

Security Lighting Options to Keep Your Home Safe

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Did you know the FBI estimates that 400,000 burglaries occur each year during the holidays? The reason for this is obvious: A lot of people are purchasing expensive gifts and have more cash in their homes. At the same time, between holiday shopping and festivities, a lot of us are away more often. All of this combined makes homes prime targets for burglars, porch pirates, and other criminals.

Using Lighting to Enhance Your Home Security

To really enjoy the holidays you need to be sure that your loved ones, your home, and your possessions are safe. While a home security system with an alarm is important, it’s also critical to understand the vital role that security lighting can play. According to experts, well-chosen lighting can deter criminals from targeting your home. The following security lighting options can help keep your holidays safe:

  • Motion-activated door lighting: Burglars typically enter homes in a manner that draws the least amount of attention: through the door. If your porch isn’t well-lit, it’s easy for them to pick the lock on your door or smash a window and unbolt the door from the inside without being noticed. However, if you install motion-activated door lighting by all your exterior doors, the lights will turn on as soon as somebody approaches. And while that will likely make your guests feel welcomed, it will scare most burglars away.
  • Driveway lighting sensors: Just like motion-activated door lighting, driveway lighting sensors turn on the exterior lights as soon as a car pulls into your driveway. It’s great when you come home after a fun family dinner—but it’s not so great if you’re a burglar looking to hide a getaway vehicle.
  • Automatic lighting timers: Install automatic timers on your indoor, outdoor, and holiday lights so they automatically turn on and off, even when you’re not at home. Criminals will literally stake out a home until they believe the owner isn’t there—but if the lights come on, they have no way of knowing you’re not in. This security lighting option is particularly useful if you regularly come home after dark or if you’re planning to travel during the holidays.
  • Whole-property floodlight: This type of lighting floods the exterior of your entire property with light with one single switch. So, if you hear something suspicious outside, all you have to do is turn on the floodlight to scare the bad guys away! There are even budget-friendly options like Ring’s security floodlight that do the job well without breaking the bank.

In addition to providing security, good lighting also enhances safety. Dark evenings can make it challenging for your guests or family to navigate your yard and can lead to preventable accidents like tripping over lawn decorations, tools, or furniture. When these areas are illuminated, you can greatly reduce the risk of injuries occurring and make your whole home safer. This is especially important when it’s cold out, as ice and snow can make the whole ground slippery and dangerous.

Contact a Professional for More Information

If you are interested in adding security lighting to your home, it’s time to contact Ryan Gath Electric to help install the right equipment to keep you and your family safe. We will listen to your concerns and determine what the best options are considering your needs and your property.

For all of your electrical needs, call Ryan Gath Electric today!

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5 Best Ways To Utilize Outdoor Lighting

5 Best Ways To Utilize Outdoor Lighting

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Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

As we come up on the summer months, one thing is certain: we’re going to be spending more time outdoors enjoying those idyllic summer nights. But it’s hard to enjoy those summer nights when you can hardly see anything. Proper outdoor lighting is key for maintaining a comfortable, enjoyable environment on your property after the sun goes down.

But just like any home improvement project, there are right and wrong ways to utilize outdoor lighting. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of ways to get the most out of your outdoor lighting needs.

Security Lighting

More function over form, security lighting is to deter unwanted wildlife from your property and discourage would-be burglars. These types of lights are most effective when mounted high up on the side of a house or on a corner of a garage roof, and directed in such a way that the light would illuminate the furthest reaches of the property.

These are most often motion-sensor lights that activate for a short time upon sensing motion within their given area, alerting you to any potential problems as they happen and saving money by not having extremely bright lights on at all times.

Deck Lighting

Plan on spending a lot of time on the deck? You might consider looking into brightening it up. It’s typically standard voltage and acts as a way to illuminate the deck/steps to avoid falling in the dark. Strategically placed lights can double as accents for nearby garden fixtures.

LED deck lights are most effective when installed around the perimeter of the deck, along the stair railings, and in various high-traffic spots on the deck itself.

Path Lights

You went to the trouble of installing a beautiful stone pathway around your property. Show it off with some literal spotlighting. Path lights are exactly what they sound like: small plastic fixtures placed along a walkway that house LED lights.

When installed along both sides of the walkway in question, path lights become a fashionable and functional addition to your home. They’re most often divided into two categories: low voltage and solar-powered. For your time and money, solar-powered ones may be the way to go. They charge during the day and are the embodiment of “set and forget.”

Outdoor String Lighting

An all-time classic. These quaint little strings of bulbs provide a warm, intimate environment that’s perfect for entertaining company or even just kicking back in the yard on a warm summer evening. And, when compared to other options, they’re extremely easy to put up and take down whenever you need them. String them up over your desired area and take them down at your convenience; no installation needed.

There’s a lot of options out there for string lighting, but for outdoor solutions, you want to make sure your chosen product is waterproof; you’d hate for unexpected bad weather to torpedo your lights. Again, solar options are available that eliminate the need for long, unsightly extension cords draped across your yard.


More commonly referred to as spot lighting, up-lights are placed in the ground and directed up to direct attention to certain parts of your home, commonly plants, the deck, trees, the house itself, and more.

Lighting taller objects like trees and the like should be done with bullet-shaped lights staked into the ground. Their adjustable head sits above ground and casts light over a longer distance, making the subject much more in-focus.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Outdoor Lighting Installation

Still hungry for more information on how to light up your property? Call Ryan Gath Electric to request a FREE estimate for indoor or outdoor electrical lighting upgrades. We’ve been the Middlesex County’s favorite residential and commercial outdoor lighting provider for over a 10 years, PLUS we offer same-day service when available! No one knows how to light up the night quite like us! Our team will provide you with outstanding customer service in addition to your new outdoor light fixtures.

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Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

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Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

While we are still stuck in the clutches of cold, rainy days, we look forward to the warmth of spring. At this point, it is not too late to consider updating your home’s exterior to give it a fresh look once warmer weather comes around. Consider the following home improvement ideas from Ryan Gath Electric to spruce up your house this spring with outdoor lighting!

Add Additional Lighting to Your Patio Area

Have some outdoor lighting installed around your patio and/or garden. The days may be getting longer but that doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to head back inside when the sun does go down, so add a few lights and stay out as late as you’d like. You can opt for subtle, softer lights to illuminate your walking path or go for more eye-popping, party lights. The styles, designs and functionality options are endless!

Consider Additional Outlets

Have outdoor outlets installed. Outdoor outlets are some of the best and handiest electrical upgrades available. Imagine how convenient it would be if you had a weatherproof outlet in reach every time you wanted to plug in an appliance, radio, etc. And outdoor outlets aren’t just handy for spring, you’ll also be happy to have them when the holiday season rolls around and you don’t have to run ugly, heavy extension cords all over the place.

Install an Electronic Fire Pit

Install an electrical fire pit. Electrical fire pits provide you with all of the benefits of a traditional fire pit, without the headache of having to chop the wood yourself.

Hire a Local Electrician

With these suggestions in mind, it would not hurt to consider hiring an electrician to assist with some of these ideas. Both police along with insurance issuers agree that having good outdoor lighting can deter potential theft or home invasion.

Various Upgrades to Your Exterior

Line your walkway with hanging electric lanterns. Just imagine your lush garden lined with beautiful lanterns, all lit up on a lovely spring night. There are thousands of designs and style outdoor lanterns you can choose from. Plus, once you have lanterns professionally installed, they are fairly easy to maintain and if you choose the right type of long lasting light bulbs you won’t have to worry about constantly changing burnt bulbs.

If hanging lanterns aren’t the kind of outdoor electrical upgrades you’re looking for, try lining your walkway with accent lights. Accent lights can either be embedded in the ground or above ground with lights that almost look like little lamps, stuck in the ground. Both options offer unlimited possibilities for style and design so you can choose the best option to fit your personal style. Many people like to opt for the in-ground lighting option because this option makes lawn maintenance easier.

When you hear string lights, you probably think Christmas lights, but string lights offer so much more possibilities than that! Just imagine relaxing on your porch or garden at night, with a beautiful display of string lights hanging overhead.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Outdoor Lighting This Spring

The nights are getting longer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to come inside once the sun goes down! Wave Electric Company specializes in installation of outdoor lighting for homes and businesses throughout Tinton Falls and the surrounding areas, so you can make the most out of your outdoor space this spring. Our team will also provide you with outstanding customer service in addition to your new outdoor light fixtures. Call Ryan Gath Electric to request a free estimate for indoor or outdoor electrical lighting upgrades. We offer same-day service when available!

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5 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

5 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

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5 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

5 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

In the last few years, we’ve seen a massive boom in the prevalence of electric vehicles. Ten years ago, electric cars seemed a curious novelty at most, available to a select, wealthy few. Now our roads are more full than ever with environmentally-friendly electrically charged vehicles. While the growing popularity of such vehicles is a huge win for the climate (and their manufacturers), EVs still present one key problem: the charging station. Ryan Gath Electric gives you these 5 reasons to install an EV charging station at your business.

One of the primary cons of owning an EV is and always has been a lack of charging opportunities. Despite the boom in EV ownership, the necessary charging facilities have failed to keep up with demand. Installing a new charging station can seem like a daunting task without much benefit to you as a business owner. But when you closely examine the pros and cons, you’ll find the former far outweigh the latter.

1. It Brings In Business 

Having a charging station installed at your business will act as a beacon for EV owners in your area. Like moths to a bright light bulb, EV owners in your area will flock to your charging station, especially if you occupy an area with a scarcity of stations. Charging stations bring traffic to your business. And not just traffic, regular traffic. The patrons of your charging station will return again and again to power up their vehicles.  The people a charging station brings in will eventually be stopping by for more than just their daily charge. These individuals are sure to stop in and patronize your business after being there everyday for weeks and weeks.

2. Installing An EV Charging Station At Your Business Is Probably Less Expensive Than You Think

Most folks think that a charging station is a hefty, cost-prohibitive investment. And while it is true that a station is an investment, it’s not an unrealistic expenditure for a lot of business owners. It largely depends on how you get it installed, but it can cost little as $700 to install an EV charging station at your business, depending on the model. Ask your local provider about pricing options and you’ll probably surprise yourself.

3. It’s Good For Branding

You don’t need us to tell you how important branding is. Branding lets your customers and the general public know what you’re all about as an organization. People love to find businesses that support good causes and stand for the things they stand for. EV charging stations represent a shift toward green sustainable energy. The incorporation of these stations shows your customers that your organization supports sustainable energy and is environmentally conscious. This will drive brand loyalty and support for your business as consumers come to understand that you support causes that they endorse.

4. Tax Benefits

It’s been said that there are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes.  A charging station may not be able to do much to stop the first one, but it can help your business out with the IRS. Because of their positive impact on the environment, the government has seen fit to allow tax benefits for individuals and businesses ready to embrace electric vehicles.  Due to these new guidelines, it’s possible to receive a 30% tax credit of up to $30,000 dollars when you install an EV charging station at your business. As with all things related to taxes, your mileage will vary. We encourage you to look further into the IRS guidance on the subject to learn more about how exactly a charging station could benefit your business’s tax status.

5. State and Local Incentives 

The federal government isn’t the only one trying to encourage folks to go green. Most state and local governments have also adopted programs to incentive individuals and businesses to install EV charging stations. The Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program offers to fund the installation of certain charging stations in public places and at workplaces. Local incentives are even more varied, but it’s worth checking out what kind of benefits you stand to gain by checking out your area’s guidelines.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

Wave Electric specializes in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in homes and businesses throughout New Jersey, and can provide your patrons with a convenient way to charge their electric or hybrid vehicle without having to search for the nearest public charger. No more range anxiety. Call Ryan Gath Electric for more information on government-funded incentives and rebates you may qualify for if you install an EV charging station at your business! The licensed electricians at Ryan Gath Electric offer same-day electric vehicle charging station services when available.

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7 Generator Maintenance Tasks To Improve Longevity

7 Generator Maintenance Tasks To Improve Longevity

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  • Generators
Generator Maintenance From Ryan Gath Electric

7 Generator Maintenance Tasks To Improve Longevity

Whether you perform maintenance tasks around your home or you hire someone to do that sort of work, you’re probably aware of the amount of work that homes tend to create, especially if you’re trying to ensure that problems don’t  come up when you least expect them. Some of the tasks in this list are things you can do yourself, and others, like the first, are things you might want to call in a professional for. These 7 generator maintenance tasks will help protect your investment and keep it running in perfect condition.

    1. Have Your Generator Serviced Regularly
      Generator companies offer a variety of services, including annual maintenance packages for different generator systems. For some units, you may be able to get away with maintenance checkups every two years, but there is a shelf life to some of the components inside the generator. Spark plugs, filters, and other parts will need replacement at some point. Staying on top of that means fewer surprises.
    2. Keep An Eye On Oil & Fluid Levels
      Oil is necessary to protect the engine of your generator. It is a good idea to check the lubricant levels regularly, including after each use of the generator. Top these fluids off whenever necessary to ensure adequate levels.  Many companies suggest keeping an extra bottle of oil handy, just in case.
    3. Check Hoses & Coils Regularly For Holes, Rust & Other Issues
      Rust and corrosion put you at risk of problems when you least expect them. Corrosion can lead to problems with fuel and lubricant levels. This goes along with Tip #2: If there are holes or other issues  that are not taken care of, you could find that fluid levels are inadequate and the unit may not start, or,  the generator may start, but could damage the engine.
    4. Get Your Generator Covered
      To protect your generator from the elements, especially the rain, it is important to create or purchase a cover or enclosure of some sort. You can also build a structure to cover your generator, similar to a doghouse, if you don’t want to buy one.
    5. Protect The Motor From Burnout By Using Appropriate Cords
      The length and gauge of power cords can help to lessen the voltage that comes out of your generator. This protects the motor of the generator, and it also protects the items that you are powering. Heavy duty power cords with the appropriate gauge and length limits the resistance to power flow. If you’re using a longer cord to avoid potential issues like carbon monoxide, you’ll want a 16 gauge wire, which has a limit of 10 amps, based on National Electric Code guidelines
    6. Clean Yard Debris & Grime From The Unit Regularly
      Leaves, grass clippings and dirt can build up over time and cause problems with your generator. Accumulations of dirt can slow down the motor or stop it altogether. Brush leaves and yard debris off of the outside of the system regularly so that nothing unexpected gets inside to tear up the motor.
    7. Check The Battery & Connections Of A Portable Generator
      You’ll want to make sure that the battery terminal connections are tight, free of debris, and that they are free of corrosion. A well-connected battery lessens the chance of startup problems. Also, check to ensure that the battery is not leaking fluids anywhere.  If you find that your battery has an issue, like if it is low on voltage or leaking fluids, its’ time to replace it. Contact your generator dealer, or an auto parts store to learn more about the appropriate battery for your portable generator.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Generator Maintenance

Generators are similar, but no unit runs just like another. Depending on the style of generator that you have, they may run differently than your neighbor’s.  Instead of seeking advice from neighbors and friends, it might be best to consult your manual or contact a dealer to find out what annual maintenance tasks are required. Because not everyone is confident in their abilities to maintain a mechanical system like a generator, there are often service packages that can bundle many of these maintenance tasks. There are manuals that explain how to maintain a backup power generator, for those who are comfortable undertaking these tasks on their own. Refer to your purchase paperwork or contact your dealer to see about scheduling annual maintenance. The licensed electricians at Ryan Gath Electric offer same-day generator maintenance when available. So don’t risk costly repairs down the line by not keeping your investment in pristine condition. Call Ryan Gath Electric for a free generator maintenance estimate today.

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Top 10 Mistakes When Planning An Electrical Remodel

Top 10 Mistakes When Planning An Electrical Remodel

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Top 10 Mistakes When Planning An Electrical Remodel

Top 10 Mistakes When Planning An Electrical Remodel

Updating your home’s electrical system can bring multiple benefits, including reduced power bills, greater convenience and a safer, more efficient use of power. However, there are a number of mistakes that homeowners commonly make when planning large-scale electrical work. Avoiding these mistakes will help ensure that the project is on time, on budget and a perfect match for your family’s needs. The following tips can help homeowners make the most of their electrical overhaul. Keep these top 10 mistakes in mind when planning an electrical remodel to avoid a botched job that may end up costing you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to fix in the future.

1. Hiring The Wrong Person For The Job

A home’s electrical system has many different components, and each part of the system must be properly installed in order to ensure safety and proper function. If mistakes are made, there is a serious risk of malfunction or fire. Unlike having custom cabinetry or top-of-the-line carpeting installed, shoddy electrical work is hidden behind the walls, and may not be immediately detected. Hiring a qualified and skilled electrician is critical to both safety and proper function

2. Attempting Your Own Electrical Remodel

There are many areas of home improvement in which a handy homeowner can save a great deal of money by doing the job themselves. However, your home’s electrical system is not an area where a DIY approach is wise. There are a multitude of things that can go wrong, and having to call in an electrician to address those issues will only drive up the cost of the project.

3. Failing To Plan For Budget Overages

Every homeowner knows that home improvement projects rarely stay on budget. A number of different circumstances can require more money than anticipated, and building those unexpected costs into one’s budget is essential. Home remodeling professionals suggest including a budget overage amount of between 10 and 25 percent. Having that flexibility can make it easier to absorb any unexpected costs, and hopefully provide a much-appreciated overage at the end of the project.

4. Overlooking Building Codes & Regulations

Government regulation of electrical work is there to protect the public from harm. Even though adhering to various building codes and regulations can be a pain, the end result is a safer building and a reduced risk of harm to the occupants. Failing to plan for these requirements can mean a project that is both longer and more expensive than necessary.

5. Not Considering The Existing Electrical Layout

Each and every electrical remodel is unique, and some projects are far more complex than others. However, in order to get the most out of your new system, it is necessary to consider how the existing system is laid out. For example, in some cases it is possible to make use of part of the existing system, while adding certain updated components or making changes where needed. Even when the entire system will be replaced, understanding how the current system is routed can help avoid costly changes necessary to work around other utilities or construction features.

6. Choosing Cost Over Quality

Everyone wants to save money, especially during home improvement projects where savings can be put to use in other areas of the home. That said, when it comes to electrical services, the old adage applies: you truly do get what you pay for. The skills and experience of a professional electrician may cost more at the onset of a project, but the value will last for many years to come, in the form of an electrical system that is safe, effective and does not require multiple repairs.

7. Not Factoring Your Lifestyle Into the Plans

The primary purpose of an electrical remodel is to gain a system that is safe, dependable and in line with the family’s needs. In order to attain that goal, it is necessary to take the time to consider how each room within the home will be used. A kitchen has very different electrical needs than a bedroom, and some families have unique power needs that should be factored into the project plans.

8. Not Getting Service Estimates in Writing

Electrical overhauls are an investment in the safety and value of your home. While in the planning stage, it is critical to get a written estimate of the cost of the project. This gives both the homeowner and the electrician a clear idea of the scope of the project, as well as the expected costs. Having a written estimate makes it easier to discuss and plan for any changes to the project that may occur once the remodel is in process.

9. Using Cheap Materials

Most people don’t give much thought to the materials used in their home’s electrical system. After all, the vast majority of these materials are out of sight. It is important to understand that there is a range of quality in electrical components, just as there is with any other type of construction materials. Choosing quality materials will improve the efficiency, function and safety of the new electrical system.

10. Not Conducting A Home Inspection

A professional home inspection provides the homeowner with a wealth of information about the overall condition of the construction and systems within the property. This is a critical step, both at the time a home is purchased and after significant repairs or remodeling. When it comes to an electrical overhaul, a quality home inspection can provide homeowners with the information needed to plan the project, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the end result was properly completed.

Call Ryan Gath Electric For Electrical Remodel

Guarantee the safety of your new space after an electrical remodel by hiring a professional to carry out the upgrades. A safe and professional electrical remodeling job will not only protect your home against fire and other hazards, but will provide you with enough power to conveniently operate all your electronics simultaneously without anymore blown fuses or tripped breakers. The licensed electricians at Ryan Gath Electric offer same-day wiring services when available. So don’t risk costly repairs down the line by settling for a botched electrical job. Call Ryan Gath Electric for a free inspection estimate today.

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6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Fuse Box

6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Fuse Box

  • Electrical
6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Fuse Box

6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Fuse Box

When your home has a proper working electrical panel, the home is in excellent shape. Your home’s electrical service panel contains a series of circuit breakers and fuses that control all the electrical components in your home. Much like other appliances in your home, even your electrical system is prone to malfunction. Here are 6 signs to look out for that indicate you may need to upgrade your fuse box.

1. Faulty Wiring Issues

Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of residential fires in the United States. If a home has faulty wiring, there is a significant increase in likeliness of fire. Older wiring may not meet code and wire insulation and other materials tend to deteriorate over the course of time. Some of these warning indicators of faulty wiring include:

  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Slight shock or tingling sensation when touching appliances
  • Constant burning smell
  • Sparking or discolored power outlets

If you notice any of these signs, it would be wise to contact a professional electrician. 

2. Installing New Large Appliances

If you are installing large appliances in your home, especially one that requires large amounts of energy, you should check your electrical panel and fuse box. The panel may not be able to handle the amount of power to keep these appliances running. These appliances include refrigerators, hot tubs, air conditioner, and other large devices. 

Electrical panels provide fairly wide amounts of power amps, ranging from 100-400 amps. If your amps do not meet your electrical consumption needs, your circuit breakers will trip any time you try to turn on the hot tub or air conditioner. 

3. Replacing Fuses With Circuit Breakers

Fuses and circuit breakers perform the same essential functions. They prevent short-circuiting or overloading of electrical currents that is attached to any electrical devices. Fuses, however, are one-time use and are color-coded depending on their capacity. When they detect that a current is running at too high of a level, the fuse will combust and melt, creating an interruption of electrical flow. Older homes typically divide amperage amounts amongst four or so fuses within a home. Circuit breakers simply have to be reset. 

Fuses are somewhat outdated in relation to the modern age. Contact a professional as soon as possible. 

4. Blown Fuses

Mid-century fuse boxes were designed with a 60-amp capacity. Modern homes use three times more amperage than the outdated predecessor. Individuals and families have more electronic devices such as laptops, blow dryers and more televisions in the past number of decades. Because of this, there is a larger draw on electrical systems. Because of this, archaic fuses are more prone to overload. If your home has frequently blown fuses, you should upgrade your system.

5. Constant Use Of Extension Cords

While extension cords can be beneficial in certain scenarios, an over-reliance on them could be dangerous. Most extension cords are intended for temporary use rather than extended usage. 

In addition to being a tripping hazard, electrical wires are usually kept in or against walls for a purpose, a protected system of wiring leads to less wear and tear. Wires that are left strewn across your living room floor can get shorted or pinched leading to damaged outlets. Constant use of these extension cords is not ideal. Contact your local electrician to install more outlets. 

6. You Are Upgrading Your Home Or Other Appliances

If you are expanding your home, remodeling or installing new appliances, this might be the ideal time for upgrading your electrical panel. If you are installing any new appliances, you will need to upgrade your panel. 

In any of these cases, it is ideal that your upgrade your system for safety purposes. Take this into consideration. About 51,000 house fires a year are caused by improper and malfunctioning electrical panels, so it would be wise to contact an electrician as soon as possible.

Call Ryan Gath Electric To Upgrade Your Fuse Box Today

Take control of your home safety by keeping your electrical system up-to-date. An updated electric system will not only protect your home against hazards, but will provide you with enough power to conveniently operate all your electronics simultaneously without anymore blown fuses or tripped breakers. The licensed electricians at Ryan Gath Electric offer same-day fuse box services when available. So don’t keep running to your electrical panel to reset your circuits every time you turn on a new appliance. Call Ryan Gath Electric for a free inspection estimate today.

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Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips

  • Electrical
Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips

In the U.S., we are addicted to our electricity–it allows us to read, work and play after dark, provides power to time-saving appliances, and (most importantly!) powers our personal electronics such as phones and tablets. However, electricity deserves a great deal of respect and careful treatment to ensure that your home isn’t subject to dangerous electrical fires caused by aging wiring or simple negligence. Electrical fires have caused over 50,000 fires, thousands of injuries, and over a billion dollars in direct property damage in the last 10 years, and these damages are largely avoidable when you follow basic safety tips. Being proactive about how electricity is used in your home is the first step towards ensuring that your home and family are safe from the hidden dangers lurking in your walls. 

Dangers Associated with Electricity

Electricity is considered a hidden danger because it’s not something that you can physically see. You see the outcome (a light turns on, the TV works), but you don’t technically see the power flowing through the wires inside your walls. Unfortunately, it’s easy to ignore the need for electrical safety and frequent reviews of your systems until it’s too late. Here’s a few of the challenges that you might encounter with your electricity:

  • Decreased lifespan for your appliances and lightbulbs
  • Lights that flicker, or turn on/off without touching the switch

Apart from these symptoms, homeowners can also end up with a fair amount of pain and suffering from allowing the problems to go on–an increased risk of fires, reduction in property values when your home goes through a contractor review, and increased spending on maintenance services and repairs as you attempt to pinpoint the problems. 

Benefits of a Regular Electrical Safety Inspection

Many electrical fires and electrocutions can be prevented through taking simple maintenance steps and understanding basic safety principles. Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter or a business owner, keeping safety tips close to hand and reviewing them regularly may be the difference between a worry-free fall and a season of frustration–or loss. Benefits of keeping your electrical system up to date include a reduced risk of damage to your family and to your property, a steadier flow of power throughout your home, a longer lifespan on your expensive home appliances and reduced overall spending on your electrical bills. Perhaps the most important benefit to following simple electrical safety tips is the peace of mind that you’ll have knowing that your family and home are safe from the damaging effects of electrical fires. 

Tips for Staying Safe at Home

Even if your lights aren’t flickering, you could still have problems with the electrical flow throughout your home that haven’t shown up yet. Following these tips will help you get ahead of problems before the occur. Knowledge is power, and a solid understanding of your electrical systems and where potential problems may occur can help keep you and your family safe. The good news is that you don’t need an electrical license or a Master’s degree to follow these tips–and while you may have heard a few of these before, you’ll almost certainly find a new idea that can help you save money and stay safe. 

Indoor Electrical Safety Tips

  • Unplug Battery Chargers – Did you know that your battery chargers continue to pull a trickle of electricity through the wires even if you’re not actively charging your electronics? Unplugging them from the wall completely offers one less opportunity for a fire to start–plus saves money on your next energy bill!
  • Keep Electrical Fixtures Clear – Ensure that your electrical outlets are clear of furniture or clothing that could potentially cause a spark or burn if they got hot enough. 
  • Right-Size Your Bulbs – Lighting fixtures are rated for specific bulb wattages, and exceeding that wattage requirement can cause an overload on your wiring, just as an underpowered bulb can cause stress to the system. 
  • Replace Damaged Cords – Probably everyone has considered putting duct tape or electrical tape on a fraying cord at some point–but resist that idea! Damaged cords are prone to cause shock, short circuits or even fire.
  • Use a GCFI – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (or GCFIs) are commonly used in outlets, and can immediately shut off electric power to reduce the risk of electric shock or fires. They’re intended to trigger when current is flowing through a person or through water.
  • Test Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Detectors – An easy way to remember when you need to test your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors is that they should be tested and batteries replaced with each change of the seasons. 

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

  • Cut Back Debris – Outdoor electrical outlets are very handy, but they can also be prone to a lot of different problems such as shrubbery that grows too close to the wall or other debris. 
  • Review Your Tools – Outdoor power tools such as leaf blowers or trimmers have cords that are more likely to fray due to rough usage. Check them often and replace the cords as needed.
  • Upgrade Circuit Panels – When in doubt, call a licensed, professional electrician to upgrade or review your circuit panels. 
  • Know Your Space – When you’re working outside on a ladder, be cautious of the placement of electrical lines and wiring so you don’t accidentally yank something loose. 

These simple tips can help your family stay safe this fall and all year ’round! Electricity is a wonderful modern convenience, but taking the time to perform simple reviews of your wiring and electrical systems can help reduce the number of accidents that occur each year. 

Contact Wave Electric Company For Electrical Safety Inspections

Take control of your home safety by keeping your system up-to-date. An updated electric system will not only protect your home against hazards, but can save you money on your energy bill, too, by cutting back on wasted power. The licensed electricians at Ryan Gath Electric offer same-day inspections when available. So don’t risk electrical fire or other hazards if your home is not up to par with this checklist. Call Ryan Gath Electric for a free inspection estimate today.

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3 Ways Dimmers Can Benefit Your Home

3 Ways Dimmers Can Benefit Your Home

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3 Ways Dimmers Can Benefit Your Home

3 Ways Dimmers Can Benefit Your Home

Home maintenance can add up in costs, and it can be difficult to cut down on your utility bills. Emergencies can happen at any time, and appliances simply aren’t built to last forever. The good news is that there are a few tricks every homeowner can use to save money and keep your home in tip-top shape. Most probably don’t think of their home’s lighting as a way to cut down on costs, but dimmers can save you money. Your home’s lighting can not only be energy efficient, but customizable and cozy. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Ryan Gath Electric shows you these 3 ways dimmers can benefit your home:

How Dimmers Can Help Your Home

You might not think it, but the quality of lighting can increase your home’s value and comfort tremendously. Installing dimmers adds a variety of different lighting settings to your home to save money and add ambiance. Like any electrical appliance, however, your lighting is complicated and it can be difficult to get just the right amount of lighting. Dimmers give you that trial and error without having to have a licensed electrician replace and install multiple light fixtures. If you’re considering adding some dimmers to your home, here’s how a few dimmers can help you.

  • They Save Money – Dimmers are economic in that they consume considerably less energy when you dim the lights. Traditional light switches only give you the option of shutting off a light or turning it on, which means either you use 0% energy or 100%. A dimmer switch gives you full control of how much energy you want to use in a light switch, which can decrease your utility bills, saving $30 a year. Stop wasting money on gaudy bright indoor lighting and put your savings towards a nice Valentine’s Day dinner.
  • Light Bulbs Last Longer – On top of consuming less energy, a home with dimmers means fewer trips to the hardware store to replace your light bulbs. Generally the less light is used, the longer the bulb lasts. 
  • Customizable, Ambient Lighting – Besides saving money, the best perk of a dimmer is the flexibility. Installing dimmers to your lighting enables you to adjust different light fixtures in your rooms for different effects. Dimmers are also easy to use because they can be programmed to change at certain times or controlled with an app or touch screen. Whether you want to accentuate some art, add ambiance, or sleep a little better at night, dimmers help to make that happen.

What You Need to Know About Dimmers

Dimmers not only improve your home’s quality of lighting, they also come in a variety of switches and can add different effects to each room. While it might be tempting to try and install a dimmer switch on your own, your lighting is complicated, and best left to a licensed electrician to install. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s lighting, there are a few important factors to consider first.

  • Type Of Switch – A dimmer is not only flexible for your home’s lighting; it’s also flexible in what type of switch you can use to adjust the lighting. An integrated switch, for example, allows you to create multiple lighting presets for one room which is controlled either by a button in the wall or a wireless controller. There are touch dimmer switches which are controlled with a simple tap of your finger and some can even switch back to a prior light setting. For something less sophisticated, there are manual switches like a slider or a rotary switch, which allow you to manually adjust the lighting.
  • Type Of Dimmer – You can also decide how complex you want your lighting control setup to be. A single pole dimmer controls the dimming and lighting for all your home’s light fixtures. Three-way or four-way dimmers are used for light fixtures to be controlled by one dimmer switch with additional on and off switches. Multi-location dimmers enable you to use multiple dimmer switches to control multiple dimmers. 
  • Lighting Needs Of Each Room – It’s important to remember that dimmers not only save you money but offer a variety of uses for each room. Having dimmers in the bathroom, for example, allows you to turn down the lights first thing in the morning for your light sensitive eyes. Dimmers are especially best for bedrooms as the dimmed light helps prepare your body to wind down for sleep. Kitchens which can be a popular room to hang out can benefit from dimmer lights, as good lighting makes for a good looking kitchen, which saves you money and adds curb appeal. Even outdoor lighting benefit from a dimmer switch, especially when you need a little extra light in the evenings.

Your Home Deserves Better Lighting

Saving money is tough, especially when it’s time to pay the utility bill, but installing dimmers is one helpful trick that benefits homeowners. Dimmers add a nice variety of lighting for decoration and ambiance for comfort and help cut down on utility costs. Upgrading your home’s lighting, however, is best left to a licensed electrician, who not only can help you pick a dimmer that will work best for your home, but ensure your new lighting is installed safely. Call Ryan Gath Electric today and get the best lighting your home deserves.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Dimmer Installation

Take control of your home’s lighting with dimmer switch installation. Dimmers can not only save you money by giving you the flexibility to customize your lighting levels, but can help improve your home’s ambience with soft and cozy lighting. The licensed electricians at Ryan Gath Electric are available for same day service. So don’t continue wasting money on inefficient, overly-bright indoor lighting that makes your home feel like a department store. Call Ryan Gath Electric for a free estimate today.

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