Keep Your Holiday Lights Shining Bright – Benefits to Investing in a Winter Backup Generator

Keep Your Holiday Lights Shining Bright – Benefits to Investing in a Winter Backup Generator

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Benefits to Investing in a Winter Backup Generator

Keep Your Holiday Lights Shining Bright – Benefits to Investing in a Winter Backup Generator

The winter season is here which means it’s time to insulate your plumbing, shovel your driveway, and keep your roof clear of ice dams. The holidays can put a lot of strain on your home. It’s the time of the year when your furnace and water heater work the hardest, keeping your home warm and comfortable. Preparing for the upcoming snow and frigid temperatures, however, requires more than just routine maintenance, but a backup generator. So keep your holiday lights shining bright – Ryan Gath Electric presents you these benefits to investing in a winter backup generator

How a Backup Generator Can Help Keep Your Holidays Warm & Festive

While there is plenty of home maintenance to concern with during the winter season, such as your heating system and plumbing, potential power outages are another problem. Heavy snow and ice can weigh down power lines or knock down trees, causing massive power outages. No homeowner wants to deal with no power in the dead of winter, especially when important appliances such as your furnace, water heater, and sump pump rely on electricity to function. A backup generator is another important appliance to have in your home, and here’s why.

  • Protects Your Home From Power Surges – Power surges can be common, but they’re very destructive for your electronics and can be caused by power outages. A power surge is a spike in your home’s electrical current which can happen when the power is cut off and then abruptly back on. A backup generator instantly kicks on when the power goes off, helping to prevent harmful power surges. A power surge can not only damage sensitive electronics, but start an electrical fire.
  • Provides Instant Power – When properly installed, your backup generator will be connected to your home’s gas lines and wired to the subpanel. Unlike a portable generator where you manually have to start up the engine, a backup generator will instantly turn on and generate power when there’s a power outage.
  • Food Won’t Spoil – Important appliances like your refrigerator need constant power to prevent your food from spoiling. When the power goes out, the clock starts ticking, despite keeping your fridge closed. A backup generator can provide power to your important appliances, ensuring you don’t have to throw out an entire fridge of food.
  • Overall Safety – Unlike portable generators, you don’t have to worry about potential safety hazards with a backup generator such as a carbon monoxide leak or an electrocution risk.
  • No Frozen Pipes or Flooded Basements – The winter season is generally the worst time of year for your plumbing. If your home isn’t properly insulated and heated, your pipes are risk of freezing and bursting. Without power, your heating system can run and keep your home and pipes warm. No power also means your sump pump can work to prevent a flooded basement. A backup generator ensures your house stays warm and dry this holiday season.
  • Powers Your Security System – Safety is an important priority, but when the power goes out, your home’s security system can’t do its job. Installing a backup generator ensures you and your household stay safe even the power goes out.

How to Maintain Your Backup Generator

A backup generator is a handy appliance to have, but it requires routine maintenance in order to keep you warm and prepared for every power outage. A typical backup generator can last 1-3 years, but they can break down sooner from a lack of use. Routine maintenance is the best way to ensure your backup generator lasts long and works effectively. To keep your backup generator up and running, make sure to do the following.

  • Clean Regularly – Your backup generator needs proper ventilation in order to generate power. Over time dust and debris can clog up vents and filters which can hurt the generator’s efficiency. Make sure to clear enough space around the generator so it can vent, and frequently clean it of dust and debris.
  • Replacing Oil – Just like your car, a backup generator needs its oil changed. Check the oil level when the generator isn’t running, and change the oil and oil filter when necessary. A good rule of thumb is to change the oil after every 50-60 hours of use.
  • Check Coolant –On top of replacing oil when necessary, your backup generator needs enough coolant to run properly. Make sure to frequently check the generator’s coolant and refill when necessary.
  • Watch For Electrical Problems or Corrosion – Keep an eye out for any visible damages such as loose clamps, wire connections, or signs of electrical corrosion.
  • Change Air Filter – Just like your furnace, a backup generator has an air filter that needs to be changed routinely. Changing the air filter once a year helps to ensure your backup generator works efficiently.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric  For Backup Generator Installation

No homeowner wants to deal with a power outage in the dead of winter, especially when your comfort and safety are at stake. Power outages can happen at any time, but luckily you don’t have to deal with a home completely out of power. Picking your own backup generator can be exciting, but it’s best to have a helpful opinion. The licensed electricians at Ryan Gath Electric can help you pick the generator that will best serve your home, and ensure a safe installation. Don’t wait until the lights go out. Call Ryan Gath Electric to get started today.

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Security Lighting Options To Keep Your Holidays Safe

Security Lighting Options To Keep Your Holidays Safe

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Security Lighting Options To Keep Your Holidays Safe

Security Lighting Options To Keep Your Holidays Safe

Did you know the FBI estimates that 400,000 burglaries occur each year during the holidays? The reason for this is obvious: A lot of people are purchasing expensive gifts and have more cash in their homes. At the same time, between holiday shopping and festivities, a lot of us are away more often, too. And all of this combined makes local Massachusetts homes prime targets for burglars, porch pirates, and other criminals. Ryan Gath Electric gives security lighting options to keep your holidays safe against theft, intruders and injury caused by poor visibility.

Using Lighting To Enhance Your Home Security

That’s why to really enjoy the holidays, you need to be sure that your loved ones, your home, and your possessions are safe. And while a home security system with an alarm is important, it’s also critical to understand the vital role that security lighting can play. According to experts, well-chosen lighting can deter criminals from targeting your home. The following security lighting options can help keep your holidays safe:

  • Motion-Activated Door Lighting: Burglars typically enter homes in a manner that draws the least amount of attention: through the door. If your porch isn’t well-lit, it’s easy for them to pick the lock on your door or smash a window and unbolt the door from the inside without being noticed. However, if you install motion-activated door lighting by all your exterior doors, the lights will turn on as soon as somebody approaches. And while that will likely make your guests feel welcomed, it will scare most burglars away.
  • Driveway Lighting Sensors: Just like motion-activated door lighting, driveway lighting sensors turn on the exterior lights as soon as a car pulls into your driveway. It’s great when you come home after a fun family dinner—but it’s not so great if you’re a burglar looking to hide a getaway vehicle.
  • Automatic Lighting Timers: Install automatic timers on your indoor, outdoor, and holiday lights so they automatically turn on and off, even when you’re not at home. Criminals will literally stake out a home until they believe the owner isn’t there—but if the lights come on, they have no way of knowing you’re not in. This security lighting option is particularly useful if you regularly come home after dark or if you’re planning to travel during the holidays.
  • Whole-Property Floodlight: This type of lighting floods the exterior of your entire property with light with one single switch. So, if you hear something suspicious outside, all you have to do is turn on the floodlight to scare the bad guys away!

Good Lighting Reinforces Personal Safety

In addition to providing security, good lighting also enhances safety. This is especially important when it’s cold out, as ice and snow can make the ground slippery and dangerous. Poor visibility can lead to slips and falls by yourself or your visitors. So don’t risk injury this holiday season – Ryan Gath Electric will light the way to a safer, brighter home.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Security Lighting Options

If you want to add security lighting to your home, then contact Ryan Gath Electric today. Our professional security lighting experts will listen to your concerns and determine what the best options are considering your needs and your property. Remember to always make sure that anyone you hire for the job has a proven track record of satisfied clients. Read Our Reviews On Google

Here at Ryan Gath Electric, we want to make sure that you and your home stay safe throughout the dark winter months. If you decide to install security lighting this holiday season, we will ensure your peace of mind in knowing that your home is safe against not only theft and intruders, but personal injury caused by poor visibility. So don’t let the darkest corners of your house remain unseen this holiday season – Call Ryan Gath Electric today!

By Ryan Gath Electric

Preparing Your Home’s Electrical System For The Winter

Preparing Your Home’s Electrical System For The Winter

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Preparing Your Home's Electrical System For The Winter

The season of chilly air, cozy nights and winter wonders has arrived, and snow is already on the ground in some parts of the nation. In preparation for colder weather, many homeowners have taken care to ensure that their heating system is in top shape and that their plumbing is properly protected from freezing temperatures. When it comes to preparing for winter weather, many people overlook the importance of protecting their electrical system from damage. In order to avoid costly repairs and ensure a steady flow of power to the home, there are a number of steps that should be part of every homeowner’s cold season checklist. Ryan Gath Electric is the trusted local experts to help in Preparing Your Home’s Electrical System For The Winter.

Test/Replace Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These devices serve an essential, yet often undervalued role in keeping your family safe and secure. During cold weather preparations, be sure to check that each detector and alarm is functioning properly, and that fresh batteries are installed. Homeowners who have had the same detectors in place for many years may want to consider updating them with newer and more advanced devices. It should go without saying that the cost of replacing old smoke and carbon monoxide detectors pales in comparison to the cost of a fire or the emotional toll of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Install Or Update Exterior Security Lighting

There are a number of excellent exterior lighting options currently on the market, many of which offer multiple features. Homeowners should evaluate their outdoor lighting, and determine if additional or updating lighting would bring value to the home. In addition to improving a home’s security, exterior lighting can make it far easier to unload groceries, care for pets or get the kids settled into the car after dark. Many options are motion-activated, and some even offer high tech features such as a security camera that can be accessed remotely. 

Install A Generator Or Tune-Up An Existing Unit

In many parts of the country, having a back-up generator is a wise choice during the winter months. If the power fails, a generator can ensure that the home remains warm and lit until service is restored. That can make the difference between a livable home and having to find alternate shelter. For those who already have a generator in place, an annual tune-up is a great way to make sure that the unit is in good repair and ready to be called into service if the need should arise. For those who have been considering adding a generator, there are a number of different options available at a wide range of price points. Anyone who has sustained a prolonged loss of power can attest to the benefits of having a generator within the home.

Test Electrical Outlets & GFCIs

Any winter preparation checklist should include a test of all of the home’s power outlets. This is a fast and easy task with the use of a multimeter (which is an inexpensive device that will last for many years.)  The multimeter will not only check to make sure that an outlet is getting sufficient power, it can also let the homeowner know if the wires are properly connected, and if the outlet is safely grounded. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are special outlets that are designed to automatically shut off when an electrical fault is detected. However, they wear out over time, and will need to be replaced. A special device is used to test older GFCIs, and those manufactured after 2006 will simply stop working once the circuitry fails. Replacing a worn out outlet is a simple and inexpensive home repair project.

Replace Light Bulbs With Compact Fluorescent Lights

Updating your home’s lighting can lead to lower power bills and a greener lifestyle. One of the best ways to improve your home’s energy use is to replace traditional light bulbs with CFLs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs produce light differently than incandescent bulbs, and require approximately 70 percent less energy. That can rack up significant savings over the course of a year, especially when most of your home’s light fixtures have been switched to CFLs.

Conserve Energy Throughout Your Home

As the weather chills, conduct an annual check of your home’s energy efficiency. Look for areas where improvements can be made, and be aware of “phantom load,” which is a term used to describe power that flows to unused appliances or electronics. Many people are surprised to learn that power is continuously consumed by many devices, even when they are not turned on or in use. Simply shutting off the power can save hundreds of dollars each year. Be sure to unplug appliances that are not currently in use, and consider using a power strip to supply current to multiple devices, such as a television, gaming console, and sound system. That makes it easy to shut off power to those devices with one simple switch, rather than having to unplug each cord.

Choose Ryan Gath Electric When Preparing Your Home’s Electrical System For The Winter

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Here at Ryan Gath Electric, we want to make sure that your electrical system and the rest of your home stay safe throughout the winter months. When you call us for electrical system maintenance this season, we will work with you every step of the way to get your home’s electrical system ready for the cold weather. So don’t let your power go out in the middle of a blizzard – Call Ryan Gath Electric today!

By Ryan Gath Electric

5 Tips For Keeping Your Electrical System in Good Health Over the Holidays

5 Tips For Keeping Your Electrical System in Good Health Over the Holidays

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Electrical System In Good Health Over the Holidays

5 Tips For Keeping Your Electrical System In Good Health Over the Holidays

Can your home’s electrical system safely handle your holiday lighting? The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you may be thinking about how you want to decorate your home this year. An important part of your planning is with your electrical system to make sure everything is in top shape to handle the extra load put on the system.  You should be able celebrate with the peace of mind that your home and guests will be safe.  Here are some things that can happen if your system is not in top shape, the benefits of maintaining your electrical system, and 5 Tips For Keeping Your Electrical System in Good Health Over the Holidays.

Risks Posed Without Electrical System Maintenance

Here are some electrical setback pains you could experience if your system is not maintained:

  • Power Surges – High electrical activity in your home can cause power surges.  Therefor, if there are many electrical appliances, lights and other devices continuously cycling off and on, it puts a strain on the system that may lead to a power surge.  Adding electric holiday decorations will only add to the strain and may guarantee a power surge, which can cause damage to appliances and electronics.
  • Electric Bill – The winter season is often a time for higher electric bills, and adding electric holiday decorations will increase the cost of your electricity.  So making sure your electrical system is running in top shape will help decrease any wasted power.  Another way to help reduce the costs during the holidays is by using LED holiday lights.
    For example, Annual Energy Outlook reports the cost of running a Standard C-7 4 watt lights at 10.5 cents per kilowatt-hour is $25.13.  The cost of LED lights is .56 cents.  In conclusion, there is a huge difference in cost, so it is worth upgrading to LED holiday lights.
  • House Fire and Injuries – Unfortunately, electrical systems that are not maintained can cause house fires and injuries.  The Red Cross reports nearly 47,000 fires happen during the winter holiday season.  Many of these fires are due to outdated and older outlets that are not properly grounded and unable to protect the system against sparks, shocks, or electrocution.  Oftentimes, people that have older systems will use plug strips for additional outlet needs instead of contacting an electrician to add additional outlets.  Power strips can add to an overloaded system, which can end in disaster. 

Benefits of Maintaining Your Electrical System

Your home electrical system will benefit from maintenance, which means you and your loved ones will also benefit from the safety it brings.

  • Cost Efficiency – Keeping your system running in top shape and switching to LED lights will help increase your electrical efficiency and decrease your electrical costs.
  • Power Surges – With your electrical system running in top shape, you will be less likely to have power surges that can damage your electronics or appliances.
  • Safety – You will have the peace of mind that your property is protected and your friends and family will be safe from accidental fire or electrocution. 

5 Tips for Electrical System Maintenance

  • Scheduled Inspection – The best way you can prevent problems with your electrical system is to have an expert check it out.  It’s best to have a regularly scheduled inspection by your local electrical company.  This way, you will have an expert assess your system for any concerns or problem areas that need attention.
  • Upgrade Outlets – If you own an older home, the outlets may not be updated.  An outlet with the two-prong openings and no third opening for a ground is outdated.  These outlets are not sufficiently grounded and will not protect against sparks, shocks, or electrocution.  Above all, having an electrician replace old outlets will help prevent power surges, fires, and electrocution. 
  • Install Additional Outlets – If you find yourself out of outlet space often, it may be time to add some additional outlets.  While power strips are handy to add additional outlets, they can easily become overloaded and are a leading cause of electrical house fires.  To be sure, contact your local electrician to evaluate your home for additional outlets to reduce the number of plug strips or extension cords you use.
  • Inspect Holiday Light Strings and Decorations – Before you hook-up the holiday lights and decorations, be sure to inspect them to make sure the electrical cords are in good shape.  Do not use any that have frayed or any other type of damage to the power cord.  These can cause someone to be shocked or lead to a fire.
  • Install Surge Protection Devices – To prevent power surges that can damage electronics and appliances or start a fire, contact an electrician to install your home with surge protection devices. 

Enjoy peace of mind keeping your home and everyone safe by maintaining your electrical system, instead of worrying about electrical hazards or the burden of costly repairs,

Why is Ryan Gath My Best Choice For Electrical Maintenance?

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Here at Ryan Gath Electric, we want to make sure that you and your loved ones can enjoy holiday cheer without having to worry about blown fuses, power surges, or even electrical fires. When you call us for electrical system maintenance this season, we will work with you every step of the way to get your home’s electrical system operating safely to accommodate all your holiday lights decorations. So don’t let the power go out in the middle of your celebration – Call Ryan Gath today!

By Ryan Gath Electric

6 Benefits of a Standby Generator in Chelmsford

6 Benefits of a Standby Generator in Chelmsford

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standby generator in Chelmsford by Ryan Gath

Winter will be here soon enough, and homeowners are thinking about the possibility of losing electricity in a storm. With so many of us relying on electrical equipment, it’s becoming more important to have a backup source of power, like a standby generator. Just think about all of the things that you use that require electricity! If you don’t want to be kept in the dark, consider calling us so we can install a standby generator in Chelmsford. By having one of these installed, your home can stay powered when everyone else is in the dark.

Here are 6 benefits of having a standby generator on your Chelmsford property:

Seamless switching

For most of their life, standby generators sit on your property, doing little. However, when the main power grid goes down, an automatic transfer switch in the generator activates. It cuts you from the main grid, switches your power to the generator, and turns on the generator. This happens in a very short amount of time, so you only lose power for a moment.

Maintain electrical power

Unsurprisingly, having a generator lets your electronics stay active during a blackout. This provides a variety of benefits. Whether you have food that needs to stay in the fridge or you have medical equipment that relies on electricity, you can keep using it.

Stay safe during emergencies

Having power at your home means you don’t need to leave for any power-related issues. Let’s say you have someone who needs to stay hooked on some powered medical equipment. If the power went out from a storm, you might have to bring them to a hospital or somewhere else with electricity. You don’t want to have to go out during a torrential storm. Having power means you and your family can stay safe at home.

Protection from electrical damage

Just because the power is out doesn’t mean your electronics are safe from damage. When you’re connected to the grid, there’s the possibility of violent power surges, spikes, and brownouts. These can all cause damage to anything connected to the grid. Fortunately, the generator keeps you off the grid and safe from electrical dangers. It’ll only switch you back to the grid when it has power and has stabilized.

Protection against other damage

It’s not just electrical damage you have to worry about when the power goes out. If the electricity isn’t working, that means your sump pump isn’t working as well. That means your home is vulnerable to flooding during a rainstorm. Similarly, losing out on your electric heat during the winter can cause your pipes to freeze. If you have a standby generator, all of these systems will stay functioning.

Increases home value

When you have a generator on your lot, it’s a major consideration for home buyers. A generator on your lot says “peace of mind” to potential buyers, and that’s something so many of us want. You can likely get a higher price on your home if you have one installed.

Why is Ryan Gath my best choice for a generator installation?

Ryan Gath Electric is one of Chelmsford’s most trusted electrical companies. Generator installation is a serious task that can be very risky, which is why we employ some of the best in the industry. We also offer a one-year warranty on all of our work. That means if something goes wrong with your newly-installed generator, you’ll be covered. Call Ryan Gath today to learn more about installing a standby generator in Chelmsford!

By Ryan Gath Electric

5 Benefits of Installing LED Lighting in Chelmsford

5 Benefits of Installing LED Lighting in Chelmsford

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led lighting in Chelmsford by Ryan Gath

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are a type of lighting that is becoming more popular in the conventional lighting markets. They’re becoming more popular as the technology behind them becomes more refined and reliable. As of now, they have higher lifespans, lower energy usage, and lower maintenance requirements than traditional lightbulbs. The Department of Energy estimates that LED lights could save 190 terawatt-hours per year by 2030, which translates to $15 billion per year. It’s reasons like these that you’ll want to install LED lighting in your Chelmsford home.

Here are five reasons to switch to LED lighting in your Chelmsford home:


They’re long-lasting

High-quality LED lights can withstand 30,000-50,000 hours of use. This is a big jump from an incandescent bulb’s 1,000-hour lifespan. Even compact fluorescent lighting can’t compare, with a lifespan of only 8,000-10,000 hours. It’s also worth noting that LEDs don’t “burn out” like normal lightbulbs. Instead, they start to dim as they reach the end of their lives, giving you a heads-up when they’re getting old. LEDs can help you make your home’s lighting lower maintenance.


They’re environmentally safer

LEDs don’t have any disposal problems associated with older lighting. For example, fluorescent lights have electricity run through mercury vapor. This creates ultraviolet light that causes the lamp’s phosphor coating to glow. When it’s time to dispose of them, the mercury in the lamps means special steps must be taken to dispose of it safely. LED lights can be disposed of and recycled without any special considerations.


They’re safer

A big hazard with most lights is that they emit heat. LEDs emit very little heat while incandescent lightbulbs turn over 90% of their energy into heat. This means only about 10% of their energy goes to lighting up your home, making them inefficient and dangerously hot. Also, LEDs use less energy and can work on low-voltage electrical systems. These systems tend to be safer in case something goes wrong.


They have great CRI

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of how well light can reveal an object’s actual color compared to natural light. Low CRI lights, like sodium vapor lamps, leave objects looking yellow/orange. LED lights have a CRI ranging from about 65 to 95, which is considered excellent. CRI can be an important consideration when choosing your outdoor lighting.


They’re energy-efficient

Compared to traditional incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting LED lighting uses about half as much electricity. This allows for substantially reduced energy costs, especially for lights that are on most of the day. Part of this efficiency comes from how LEDs emit light in a semicircle, as opposed to the traditional spherical light/heat emitted from bulbs. The directional lighting helps preserve energy and heat that normal ceiling lights waste. However, they can still serve as light bulbs by being bundled together.


What makes Ryan Gath one of the area’s best lighting companies?

At Ryan Gath Electric, we only hire highly skilled and licensed electricians for our team. Our experts take pride in providing superior indoor lighting services, no matter what your particular needs may be. While we specialize in recessed and track lighting, we can also install lighting to display a piece of art, light up a kitchen cabinet, or even to point the way to the emergency exits in a commercial building. We can also help you to select the most efficient lighting for various purposes throughout the house. Trust in our wide-ranging experience to make sure the indoor lighting is just to your liking. Call Ryan Gath today to learn more about our lighting services!

By Ryan Gath Electric

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades to Enjoy Before Summer Ends

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades to Enjoy Before Summer Ends

  • Electrical
outdoor electrical upgrades by Ryan Gath in Massachusetts

There are still two full months of summer left! If you want to enjoy those summer nights, we suggest taking a look at some outdoor lighting upgrades. Investing in some of these upgrades can allow you to hold get-togethers with your friends and family while avoiding the summer heat.

Here are four types of lighting Ryan Gath can provide for your building’s exterior:

Landscape lighting

During the day, everyone is able to see your beautiful home. However, when it gets dark, people won’t be able to see your lovely landscaping job. Fortunately, there’s a way to work around this. Landscape lighting consists of low-voltage lights like lamps and spotlights designed to show off your home. Careful arrangement of these lights allows homeowners to show off the best features of their home, no matter the time of day.

Deck lighting

A deck is a central gathering point in any outdoor event. If you’re going to be using it at night, you’ll definitely want to have lighting for your deck. Deck lights emit a soft glow that lights up your deck for easier pathfinding. They can be built into a variety of places, such as the railing, stair risers, or even the deck itself.

Pathway lighting

When it’s dark out, it can be hard telling where you’re supposed to walk or drive. Pathway lighting is the solution to this problem. Placed alongside pathways, walkways, and driveways, these lights help you see where you’re going. In addition, they’re also good as accent lights for showing off your yard, garden, and other architectural features of your home.

Security and Emergency Lighting

An important feeling for any building owner – commercial or residential – is that they feel safe. Locks and alarms are a classic way of offering security, but lighting is another important security feature. Security lights often deter intruders who would be highly visible to other residents in the area. Our electricians can set up sensors that automatically turn the lights on when someone gets close enough to the house. Meanwhile, emergency lighting is a kind of lighting that activates when the power goes out. They’re highly useful for those that deal with frequent power outages and to comply with state and national codes.

Why choose Ryan Gath to help me with my outdoor lighting upgrades?

Ryan Gath Electric has a long history of helping Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine homeowners with their electricity and lighting. Whether you’re looking for large-scale parking lot lights or energy-efficient LED lighting for your home’s yard, we’re able to provide. In addition, all of our products come with a one-year warranty that’ll ensure our work’s reliability. If you need someone to perform some outdoor lighting upgrades this summer, call the experts at Ryan Gath today!

By Ryan Gath Electric

5 Advantages of a Mini-Split System in Chelmsford

5 Advantages of a Mini-Split System in Chelmsford

  • Cooling
mini-split system in Chelmsford by Ryan Gath

A mini-split (or ductless) air conditioner is one that’s made up of multiple indoor units connected by conduits to an outdoor unit. As the name suggests, these don’t require ductwork, pre-existing or otherwise, to run. This can make them very useful for certain homeowners. Maybe you’re looking for an easy way to cool your home without installing ductwork? Read on to learn about how a mini-split system in Chelmsford might be right for you.

Here are 5 advantages of switching to a mini-split system in Chelmsford:

Small and easy to install.

One of the more obvious advantages of a mini-split system is that it takes up less space than other systems. They don’t require ductwork, which can be nice in older buildings, and only require some small pipes and a three-inch hole in a wall to install. They’re so easy to install and non-invasive, installation could take a single day depending on the number of units installed.


Each outdoor unit can have up to four indoor units which can have individual temperature goals. This lets you have different zones to more thoroughly control your home’s temperature.

Energy efficient.

Because they don’t make use of ducts, mini-split systems are more energy efficient. Ductwork losses in central forced air systems account for more than 30% of space conditioning’s energy usage. They can lose even more if the ducts are somewhere unconditioned, like an attic. You’ll save money overall by improving your home’s temperature efficiency.


Ductwork can cause a variety of noises from debris or leaks, like whistling and banging. With a mini-split system, a professional will remove the ducts or seal the air registers. This’ll make your temperature systems much quieter. In addition, the indoor units are quieter than other units due to their lower fan speeds.

Increased air quality.

With traditional temperature systems, the ducts have to get cleaning on a regular basis. Failure to do so can result in a buildup of dust, allergens, and other nasty stuff. Even if you give them a complete cleaning, you can still leave some stuff behind. With a multi-split system, you won’t have to worry about what’s in your ducts and your home’s air will be fresher as a result.

Why should I trust Ryan Gath Electric with my home’s cooling?

For the past 9 years, Ryan Gath Electric has been helping people around Chelmsford, MA with their electrical systems. However, in addition to our electrical expertise, we also offer mini-split systems. With summer approaching, our expert electricians would like to help you ensure your home will be comfortable this summer. If you’d like to know more about mini-splits or get one installed, call Ryan Gath Electric today!

By Ryan Gath Electric

4 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting in Massachusetts

4 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting in Massachusetts

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outdoor lighting in Massachusetts by Ryan Gath Electric

Outdoor lighting is more than just a way to make your home look nice at night. It can increase the safety of your home and boost your curb appeal. With summer approaching in a couple of months, it might be time to consider getting some outdoor lighting for your Massachusetts home

Here are four benefits you can enjoy with outdoor lighting in Massachusetts.



One way to use outdoor lighting is to enhance your home’s appearance. When the lights turn on at night, they can help highlight the architectural features of your home and give it a good bit of appeal. If you own a commercial property, you can use multicolored outdoor lights to give a unique style and attract customer attention.



If your home has a patio, deck, or other outdoor space, having adequate outdoor lighting is essential. The evening and night are great times to relax outdoors and enjoy having company over. By installing outdoor lighting, a family gathering or party won’t have to end just because the sun goes down.


Safety and security.

Did you know homes without outdoor lighting are popular burglary targets? This is because the darkness makes it easier to avoid being seen. Outdoor lights help deter potential burglars by lighting up your home and making it harder to hide. It will also make it easier for you to move around your yard at night and avoid accidental slips or falls. With outdoor lights, that means no more groping around in the darkness while outside your home.


Increased curb appeal.

No matter what kind of home you own, outdoor lighting can help accentuate the positives. Outdoor lighting of any kind can also help boost your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Potential buyers will appreciate the extra safety precautions and the ability to use outdoor space longer. If you put your trust in Ryan Gath Electric, we can use lighting to show off your home’s best features.


Why should I get my outdoor lights from Ryan Gath Electric?

Ryan Gath Electric is one of the trusted names in electricity in the Chelmsford, MA area. No matter what sort of electrical problem or project you have, we can take care of it. Our highly-trained electricians can ensure your safety by tackling those electrical problems for you. If you’re curious about adding outdoor lighting for your Massachusetts home, call Ryan Gath Electric today!

By Ryan Gath Electric

The Dangers of Knob-and-Tube Wiring

The Dangers of Knob-and-Tube Wiring

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knob-and-tube wiring removal from Ryan Gath Electric in Massachusetts

Used in America from 1880 to the late 1940’s, knob-and-tube wiring is an early style of electrical wiring identifiable by its white, ceramic, spool-like knobs. It still exists in some old homes, and it presents several dangers to modern-day tenants. If you happen to have some in your home, be sure to let us know so we can help you replace it with modern wiring.

Here are five of the dangers knob-and-tube wiring presents to homeowners:

  1. Age. On average, knob-and-tube wiring ranges from 70 to 130 years old. Even if it has been working for a while, this old wiring doesn’t have the capacity needed for modern homes. This means it can overload easily and start a fire. In addition, the wiring is less resistant to damage than normal wiring. This represents another fire risk to homeowners.
  2. No ground wire. Knob-and-tube wiring is incompatible with modern 3-plug appliances. Because of this, anything plugged in is more liable for damage due to voltage fluctuations and surges. This is yet another fire hazard and can also cause electrical shocks.
  3. Bad against moisture. In addition to being ungrounded, knob-and-tube wiring is not rated for moisture. This makes it especially dangerous in wetter areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outside.
  4. Easily overlooked. Knob-and-tube wiring often gets buried in insulation and pushed into contact with building materials and other clutter. Since knob-and-tube wiring is designed to release heat freely into the air, this presents yet another fire hazard. Insurance companies often won’t insure buildings with that wiring because the National Electric Code (NEC) states that knob-and-tube wiring has to stay away from insulation.
  5. Improper DIY modifications. Out of all the kinds of wiring, unsafe DIY modifications are most often seen with knob-and-tube wiring. Part of this is from how easy it is to access for splicing. It’s not uncommon to see someone use masking or Scotch tape (instead of electrical tape) in their DIY connections. Even worse, DIY rookies often install fuses with an amperage too high for the wiring, overloading the wires and making another major fire risk.


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