Security Lighting Options to Keep Your Home Safe

Security Lighting Options to Keep Your Home Safe

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Did you know the FBI estimates that 400,000 burglaries occur each year during the holidays? The reason for this is obvious: A lot of people are purchasing expensive gifts and have more cash in their homes. At the same time, between holiday shopping and festivities, a lot of us are away more often. All of this combined makes homes prime targets for burglars, porch pirates, and other criminals.

Using Lighting to Enhance Your Home Security

To really enjoy the holidays you need to be sure that your loved ones, your home, and your possessions are safe. While a home security system with an alarm is important, it’s also critical to understand the vital role that security lighting can play. According to experts, well-chosen lighting can deter criminals from targeting your home. The following security lighting options can help keep your holidays safe:

  • Motion-activated door lighting: Burglars typically enter homes in a manner that draws the least amount of attention: through the door. If your porch isn’t well-lit, it’s easy for them to pick the lock on your door or smash a window and unbolt the door from the inside without being noticed. However, if you install motion-activated door lighting by all your exterior doors, the lights will turn on as soon as somebody approaches. And while that will likely make your guests feel welcomed, it will scare most burglars away.
  • Driveway lighting sensors: Just like motion-activated door lighting, driveway lighting sensors turn on the exterior lights as soon as a car pulls into your driveway. It’s great when you come home after a fun family dinner—but it’s not so great if you’re a burglar looking to hide a getaway vehicle.
  • Automatic lighting timers: Install automatic timers on your indoor, outdoor, and holiday lights so they automatically turn on and off, even when you’re not at home. Criminals will literally stake out a home until they believe the owner isn’t there—but if the lights come on, they have no way of knowing you’re not in. This security lighting option is particularly useful if you regularly come home after dark or if you’re planning to travel during the holidays.
  • Whole-property floodlight: This type of lighting floods the exterior of your entire property with light with one single switch. So, if you hear something suspicious outside, all you have to do is turn on the floodlight to scare the bad guys away! There are even budget-friendly options like Ring’s security floodlight that do the job well without breaking the bank.

In addition to providing security, good lighting also enhances safety. Dark evenings can make it challenging for your guests or family to navigate your yard and can lead to preventable accidents like tripping over lawn decorations, tools, or furniture. When these areas are illuminated, you can greatly reduce the risk of injuries occurring and make your whole home safer. This is especially important when it’s cold out, as ice and snow can make the whole ground slippery and dangerous.

Contact a Professional for More Information

If you are interested in adding security lighting to your home, it’s time to contact Ryan Gath Electric to help install the right equipment to keep you and your family safe. We will listen to your concerns and determine what the best options are considering your needs and your property.

For all of your electrical needs, call Ryan Gath Electric today!

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8 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

8 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

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electrical rewiring in chelmsford, MA by Ryan Gath Electric

The older a home’s wiring gets, the more likely they are to get worn down and suffer from various faults. In order to keep your home’s electrical system healthy, you should get regular rewiring work done. Rewiring involves removing your home’s wires and replacing them with new wires. But how can you tell when it’s time to make the switch? Let Ryan Gath Electric give you some ideas on when your electrical system needs a rewiring.

Here are eight signs you should call Ryan Gath Electric for your home rewiring:

Frequently broken fuses or tripped breakers.

Fuses and circuit breakers are one of your home’s defenses against electrical fires. When your system can’t handle the electrical load, the breaker trips or the fuse gets blown, cutting the circuit. If your home’s wiring can’t easily deal with your electricity usage, you may see frequent tripping and breaking, which is a sign your wiring may need upgrading. As an example, wiring from before the 60s could service around 60 amps, while today’s homes can handle 100 amps. Keep in mind that there are other reasons for tripping and breaking, so use a circuit breaker tester to help diagnose the problem.

Persistent burning smells

A persistent burning smell with no clear source is a major concern for homeowners. It’s likely that faulty wiring of some kind is the culprit. Ignoring the smell can be dangerous, so shut off the power at the circuit and call one of our professionals for help immediately.

Flickering lights

It’s not uncommon for flickering lights to be caused by a bulb that’s not properly screwed in or that needs to be changed. However, if the flickering is house-wide, then the problem is with the wiring. One of our technicians can help you determine if you need new wiring.

Aluminum wiring

Aluminum wiring is a kind of wiring used from 1965 to 1973 for about two million American homes. Unlike the traditional copper wiring, aluminum wires have a variety of flaws like incompatibility with modern devices, heating problems, and a tendency to split and fray. Aluminum wiring can be identified by the ‘AL’ written on the jacket.

Electrical shocks

Experiencing an electrical shock of any size from an outlet should be considered a major warning. If you go to plug something in and you get shocked, call a technician immediately.

Loose outlets

At outlets age, they can wiggle loose from the wall. When they hang from the wall, they expose the wiring within, which can be very dangerous. If you see a loose outlet, you should call us to have an expert tighten it up or replace it if necessary.

Strange noises

If you plug something into an outlet and hear a buzzing or sizzling noise, your wires are in dire need of a replacement. Call us as soon as you can if you’re hearing noises from your outlets.

Hot/Discolored outlets and switches

Discolored outlets and switches can be a sign of wiring problems behind the scenes. Loose connections can cause sparking and arcing that results in small fires. These small fires char the outlet and switch cover, discoloring it as well as making it hot to the touch. Ignoring this can lead to life-threatening issues, so call us as soon as you notice this sort of issue.

For all of your electrical needs, call Ryan Gath Electric today!

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Aluminum Wiring – Is It Time For An Upgrade?

Aluminum Wiring – Is It Time For An Upgrade?

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home rewiring

If you want to learn more about aluminum wiring, look back to the 1960s. The price of copper increased hugely during this time, forcing contractors to look for ways to save money on new home construction. Aluminum began replacing copper as the primary electrical wiring material, substantially lowering construction costs for new homes. The problem was that despite the lower costs, aluminum wiring proved to be unsafe — leading to a higher risk of residential fires. There are still some homes built during this time period still wired with aluminum. So if you own an older home, your wiring system may not be safe enough to accommodate the increased power from your modern appliances and electronics. It is important to have these wiring systems replaced as early as possible.

Understanding The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

If your home’s electrical system is outdated, the risk of a residential fire is high. In addition, the cost of maintaining an electrical system with aluminum wiring can rise significantly from poor energy efficiency and the cost frequent repairs. Aluminum wiring also decreases property value and can cause difficulty selling your home. Here are some of the top reasons aluminum wiring is deemed unsafe for residential dwellings:

  • Aluminum wiring is softer and more malleable than copper wiring, so it can be damaged much more easily easily.
  • Aluminum breaks down faster when twisted or bent, reducing its conductivity. When wiring loses conductivity, heat builds up quickly and poses the risk of fire.
  • Aluminum wiring expands when it is heated. Connections to outlets, lamps or electronic devices become loose and unstable over time.
  • Unlike copper wiring, aluminum wiring is more susceptible to rust. This can destabilize connections, increase the risk of fires and cause the need for extensive repairs of the wiring system.

Although it is widely thought that aluminum wiring is no longer used, it is still permitted in residential homes. When you are looking for homeowners insurance, you may have a hard time if you have aluminum wiring in your home. Some companies refuse to insure homes that have this type of electrical system, while others will charge you much higher premiums for insuring your property.

Signs Your Aluminum Wiring is Malfunctioning

If your lights flicker all the time, this could mean that the connections to your outlets are getting loose from the constant heating and expanding of your aluminum wiring. If someone is walking on the second floor and your dining room light starts to flicker, it is time to get your electrical wiring system updated immediately. Check the cover plates on the outlets around your house. If any of the plates feel warm to the touch, have become discolored or have even melted in places, then your wiring is unsafe. Electrical outlets should never be warm to the touch. If left ignored, the outlet will eventually get so hot that it will either begin to melt the cords plugged into it or completely ignite. Or both!

Avoid the cost of extensive repairs and protect your home from fire hazards by upgrading your system and getting it up to code.

Call Ryan Gath Electric For Re-Wiring

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Even if your home was built after the 1960s, it is still important to have your system inspected by a local electrician to ensure that there are no obvious and immediate hazards. You should have a good idea of what material and structure your wiring system is made of, how old it is and if it is in poor condition that requires an update. Procrastinating a rewire until the system fails entirely will only cost more in the long run, as the risk of fire only increases as your system gets old. Getting your electrical system inspected updated by a professional will ensure that your electrical system is working safely and efficiently, and can continue to accommodate the use of any modern appliances and electronics.

Call Ryan Gath Electric today to request a FREE estimate for an aluminum wiring upgrade in your MA, NH or ME home or business. Our professionally trained, master-level technicians have the expertise and the experience to provide you the very best service, no matter the job. We’ve been the top local residential and commercial electricians for over a decade, PLUS we offer same-day service when available. Call today!

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Air Conditioner Blowing Fuses? It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel.

Air Conditioner Blowing Fuses? It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel.

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Air Conditioner Blowing Fuses? It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Electrical Service Panel?

Are you noticing blown fuses, flickering lights or loss of power in your home when your air conditioner is running? It may be time to upgrade your electrical panel. Service panels can last almost indefinitely if you take the proper precautions and replace circuit breakers regularly. But simply lasting does not mean that it is properly servicing the needs of your household. Most houses were built in a time when modern air conditioning systems were in their infancy and houses required a fraction of the power they do now. As time moves on, service panels need to be improved and replaced to keep up with your standards of living. But how do you know it’s time to make the upgrade?

Your Electrical Panel is Old & Outdated

It would be unreasonable to expect a house built in the 50’s to come with the necessary electrical equipment to meet your modern needs, including that of a partial or whole-home air conditioning system. The increased use of electronics and advanced appliances call for much more power to circulate within your system, and your existing electrical panel may not have enough circuits to keep up with the demand. If you notice that your service panel is generating an excessive amount of heat, or making humming or buzzing noises when you are using your air conditioner, you’ll want to act quickly on replacing and/or upgrading the panel before damage occurs.

Your Existing Electrical Panel is Damaged

Your service panel is prone to several forms of wear and tear damage from constant regular use, including arcing, scorching, corrosion and more. Damaged electrical panels can lead to hazards including fires. Short circuiting of your air conditioner, or other appliances that are running at the same time as your air conditioner, are a tell-tale sign of damage within your electrical panel. Don’t take any chances that could result in property damage or injury if you notice blown fuses while running your A/C. Call Ryan Gath Electric today to discuss your options for upgrading your panel.

You’re Building an Addition or Upgrading Your Air Conditioning

Regular maintenance and circuit replacements can go a long way to keeping your service panel running up to par, however, even a pristine breaker panel can become overwhelmed over time when faced with the demands of a modern home or business. Your panel may already be operating at its full capacity, even if you do not notice any indicators that breaker panel upgrade is necessary. If you are expanding your home, installing a new air conditioner or upgrading the one you already have, you may find that your system is not equipped to handle the additional demand. To prevent hazards and reduce the likelihood of costly future repairs, we recommend first having your system inspected by a licensed and insured electrician.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric Today To Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker Panel

So you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your service panel. What does that mean, exactly? After you’ve called the professionals at Ryan Gath Electric, we will send a technician to your home to evaluate your situation and help you make some decisions based on your needs. Your Ryan Gath Electric technician will:

  • Determine Your Home’s Electrical Needs
  • Help You Select The Best Service Panel Based on Those Needs
  • Install The Panel & Circuit breakers, Then Connect
  • Fully test the system

Call Ryan Gath Electric today to request a FREE estimate for an electrical breaker panel upgrade in your home or business. A reliable, up-to-date panel will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your air conditioning all summer without worrying about potential electrical hazards or the inconvenience of flickering lights and blown fuses. Our professionally trained, master-level technicians have the expertise and the experience to provide you the very best service, no matter the job. We’ve been the top local residential and commercial electricians for over a 10 years, PLUS we offer same-day service when available. Call today!

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Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning This Summer With Ceiling Fan Installation

Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning This Summer With Ceiling Fan Installation

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Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning This Summer With Ceiling Fan Installation

Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning This Summer With Ceiling Fan Installation

Looking for ceiling fan installation to help circulate cool air in your home this summer? There’s no doubt that the practicality of a ceiling fan is ideal in the summer. They not only cool the room down but provide a comfortable amount of air circulation throughout the whole house. This can save you money on your energy bill by allowing you to run your air conditioner less frequently and at a lower temperature.

The right ceiling fan can do a lot for you and your home. Equal parts form and function, a good ceiling fan can provide a nice, relaxing breeze while also tying the room together aesthetically. But, like any home improvement project, there are more than a few things to consider before you pull the trigger on a new fan. To make sure that your fan is the right one for you, be sure to consult with a licensed professional electrician.


Before you make any final decisions about any ceiling fans, you need to ensure that the fan you’re interested in is the right fit for your space. Literally. It may seem like an obvious thing, but you would be amazed to know how many inexperienced homeowners select a ceiling fan based only on visual appeal without thinking about how small or large they need it to be for their needs. For example In a room up to 50 square feet, choose a 29″ fan. Medium size rooms up to 100 square feet can fit fans from 36″ to 42″. Standard bedrooms and family rooms up to 400 square feet work best with fans that are 50″ or 52″.


As a semi-permanent fixture, you want your newly installed ceiling fan to look good in your home. Just as an ugly couch can ruin the appeal of an otherwise beautiful room, an out of place ceiling fan can detract from the overall aesthetic of your home. And since most fans come with lighting fixtures, you also can consider which lighting will best compliment your room. There are options like spotlights and multiple glass shades that can be added to a fitter to enhance the design. A friend or family member with a keen eye for interior design will jump at the chance to help find you the perfect fan, but failing that, our resident expert representatives are ready, willing, and able to assist you in deciding on a fan that accentuates your home’s existing features.

Cooling Power

Power, in the sense of how much cooling ability the fan brings to the table. A fan’s primary function is first and foremost to supply a refreshing cool breeze to your living space. Depending entirely on your preferences, a fan can provide a barely-there breeze or a noticeable gust of air. The air intensity, or lack thereof, is a huge part of picking a ceiling fan that you shouldn’t take lightly.

Energy Efficiency

With everyone trying to be ecologically friendly these days, having a fan that is good on electricity may be something that’s important to you. Thankfully, ceiling fans are some of the best cooling products for conserving energy. Most fans only consume about 90 or so watts of electricity, leaving even the greenest A/C systems in the dust. That said, many people install an extra ceiling fan in a room to act as an energy-efficient cooling alternative to air conditioning.

Unique Ceiling Fans for Different Rooms

Are you thinking of putting a fan in the bathroom? What about an outdoor fan to accentuate your covered patio? For more unorthodox installations, you need an especially designed fan. Bathroom fans need to be designed with small spaces in mind, and outdoor fans need specialized casings to protect them from the elements. Placing improper fans in these types of locations could mean serious damage to your fan and/or home.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Ceiling Fan Installation

Our team of expert electricians are standing by now for ceiling fan installation this summer! Call Ryan Gath Electric today to request a FREE estimate for a new ceiling fan replacement or installation in New Jersey. Installing a new ceiling fan or upgrading the one you already have will not only brighten up your lighting, but circulate your indoor air to help you get the most out of your heating and air conditioning all year long. And for an ultra-low cost of about $0.01 per hour to operate, you will benefit from not only their functionality, but their ability to update the look and feel of your room. Our professionally trained, master-level technicians have the expertise and the experience to provide you the very best service, no matter the job. We’ve been the top local residential and commercial electricians for over a 10 years, PLUS we offer same-day service when available. Call today!

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4 Signs That A Ductless Mini-Split AC May Be Right For You

4 Signs That A Ductless Mini-Split AC May Be Right For You

  • Cooling
4 Signs That A Ductless Mini-Split AC May Be Right For You

Thinking about installing a ductless mini-split AC in your home or business but unsure of where to start? Let’s face it – there are a lot of options out there for cooling systems. You have the standard central air systems, evaporative coolers, and even the classic window units. And that’s just scratching the surface of the deep, deep rabbit hole that is the air conditioner market. An often-overlooked variety is the ductless mini-split, which shares a lot of qualities with other more traditional systems.  They are similar to central air systems in their shared indoor air-handling unit as well as an outdoor compressor/condenser. The conduit links the two parts of the system together and contains the refrigerant tubing, power cables, condensate drain and suction tubing. Ductless mini-splits are an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners in the Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine areas, so we’ve complied a short list of signs that you may want to look into installing a ductless mini-split AC system.

Your Energy Bill is Too High

Money makes the world go ’round, and there are certainly some financial incentives to adopting a ductless system. Ducted systems, while they have their benefits, aren’t always the most efficient option. With a ductless mini-split, energy loss is generally less than with a ducted system, where losses can be up to 30%. On the contrast, the system does require more regular maintenance than the standard central air conditioning system. This mainly consists of a monthly filter change to maintain air quality. But when simplified down to a choice between a higher energy bill or a little more time on maintenance, most folks should be able to make up their minds.

Your Home or Business is Not Duct-Friendly

Some buildings are just not constructed in such a way that makes ductwork realistic. In some cases, especially in older buildings, installing ducts may even be impossible.  For those older structures, mobile homes, and newly constructed home additions, a ductless mini-split solution is your best bet for maximum comfort. Additionally, ductless mini-split systems are very small-space friendly. They can be mounted in any number of ways, including flush-mounted on the ceiling, hung from the wall or even suspended from the ceiling. The sleek Mitsubishi Electric model, in particular, fits in subtly in any environment, and can be unobtrusively installed most anywhere that suits your needs.

You Need to Closely Control the Temperature in a Smaller Area

Ductless mini-split systems are at their strongest when used within a compact space. Depending on need, you may require multiple units to cover a greater area. Alternatively, you may elect to only cool certain high-traffic areas of the home. Ductless mini-split AC units offer a great deal of customization and control on the user-end, and can even be programmed to only turn on when the building is occupied, or on a schedule.

You Want a System That Runs Cleaner

You don’t need to be one of our expertly-trained HVAC techs to know: sometimes air ducts can get downright filthy. Air ducts are notorious for being one of the primary areas for a buildup of dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants which may be harmful to your health. Ducts require frequent cleaning to maintain interior air quality and ensure occupant safety. A ductless mini-split AC system denies these harmful materials an easy place to buildup and accumulate over time and also eliminates the need to frequent professional cleanings.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Ductless Mini-Split AC Installation

Still unsure if a ductless mini-split AC system is right for your home or business? Call Ryan Gath Electric today to request a free estimate and a consultation to discuss your installation options. That’s right, we have more than just friendly electricians on staff! Our licensed professional HVAC technicians have the expertise and the experience to provide you the very best service, no matter the job. We also offer repairs and regular system maintenance for your ductless mini-split. We’ve been the top local residential and commercial ductless HVAC installers for over a 10 years, PLUS we offer same-day service when available. Call today!

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Don’t Be Shocked: How to Keep Your Pool Wiring Safe This Summer

Don’t Be Shocked: How to Keep Your Pool Wiring Safe This Summer

  • Electrical
Don’t Be Shocked: How to Keep Your Pool Wiring Safe This Summer

There’s nothing quite like your own personal pool to help get you through the summer heat. Many pool owners even decide to spruce up their personal oasis by lighting their pool with underwater bulbs to achieve a calming, ethereal effect. But to keep a pool well-lit, you need to get some electrical work done. And you don’t need to be an electrical engineer to understand that water and electricity are generally a pretty dangerous combination. But they don’t have to be. A basic understanding of electrical safety and proper installation can set you up for success all summer long. The expert electricians at Ryan Gath Electric offer pool wiring services so you can safely enjoy your pool, spa or hot tub.

When It Comes To Pool Wiring, GFCIs Are Your Best Friend

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are hugely important in keeping electrical safety in and around your pool. These devices function as a safety mechanism to keep faulty wiring from electrocuting anyone who may be in the pool at the time of malfunction. When electrical currents are deemed unstable, which can happen from water interference, the GFCI immediately shuts off the circuit to lessen the severity of the ensuing shock. GFCIs are mandatory for pools in most areas of the US so you don’t just want one, you legally need one.

Know Your Electrical Work

When your electrician installs your pool wiring, take notes. Remember where things are. In the event of an accident, you need to know EXACTLY where the circuit is so you can shut it off to stop the flow of electricity into the pool. Once you know where the circuit is, label it clearly and plainly for easy identification in the event of an emergency.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Pool owners know that regular care and maintenance are critical to preserving the health of their pool. Regular electrical safety inspections should be lumped in with your care routine. A simple visit from a trained electrician can uncover and stop any potential safety issues before they become potential threats. Pool wiring does fail over time; wires corrode underground and light bulbs require changing after extended use. Do not attempt to diagnose these issues on your own. A licensed professional will be able to easily and quickly determine any potential safety hazards around your pool.

Keep All Electrical Devices Away From the Pool

A bit of a no-brainer, but with summer pool parties come radios, Bluetooth speakers, smoothie blenders and more electricity based appliances. Again, it should go without saying, but keep them away from the water. Not only would falling into the water ruin the device, but also be a danger to anyone in the pool at the time. In the event that an electric device falls into the water, it’s very important to remove the device from the water before attempting to help the person. A premature attempt to aid the person in the water could result in you being electrocuted as well. Use a pool cleaning tool to fish the device out of the water first.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Pool Wiring Today

Still have questions about pool wiring or general pool electrical safety? Call Ryan Gath Electric today to request a free estimate for all your pool lighting needs. Our professionally trained, master-level technicians have the expertise and the experience to provide you the very best service, no matter the job. We’ve been the Middlesex County’s favorite residential and commercial pool wiring and lighting electrician for over a 10 years, PLUS we offer same-day service when available! No one knows how to light up the night quite like us. Call today!

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5 Best Ways To Utilize Outdoor Lighting

5 Best Ways To Utilize Outdoor Lighting

  • Electrical
Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

As we come up on the summer months, one thing is certain: we’re going to be spending more time outdoors enjoying those idyllic summer nights. But it’s hard to enjoy those summer nights when you can hardly see anything. Proper outdoor lighting is key for maintaining a comfortable, enjoyable environment on your property after the sun goes down.

But just like any home improvement project, there are right and wrong ways to utilize outdoor lighting. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of ways to get the most out of your outdoor lighting needs.

Security Lighting

More function over form, security lighting is to deter unwanted wildlife from your property and discourage would-be burglars. These types of lights are most effective when mounted high up on the side of a house or on a corner of a garage roof, and directed in such a way that the light would illuminate the furthest reaches of the property.

These are most often motion-sensor lights that activate for a short time upon sensing motion within their given area, alerting you to any potential problems as they happen and saving money by not having extremely bright lights on at all times.

Deck Lighting

Plan on spending a lot of time on the deck? You might consider looking into brightening it up. It’s typically standard voltage and acts as a way to illuminate the deck/steps to avoid falling in the dark. Strategically placed lights can double as accents for nearby garden fixtures.

LED deck lights are most effective when installed around the perimeter of the deck, along the stair railings, and in various high-traffic spots on the deck itself.

Path Lights

You went to the trouble of installing a beautiful stone pathway around your property. Show it off with some literal spotlighting. Path lights are exactly what they sound like: small plastic fixtures placed along a walkway that house LED lights.

When installed along both sides of the walkway in question, path lights become a fashionable and functional addition to your home. They’re most often divided into two categories: low voltage and solar-powered. For your time and money, solar-powered ones may be the way to go. They charge during the day and are the embodiment of “set and forget.”

Outdoor String Lighting

An all-time classic. These quaint little strings of bulbs provide a warm, intimate environment that’s perfect for entertaining company or even just kicking back in the yard on a warm summer evening. And, when compared to other options, they’re extremely easy to put up and take down whenever you need them. String them up over your desired area and take them down at your convenience; no installation needed.

There’s a lot of options out there for string lighting, but for outdoor solutions, you want to make sure your chosen product is waterproof; you’d hate for unexpected bad weather to torpedo your lights. Again, solar options are available that eliminate the need for long, unsightly extension cords draped across your yard.


More commonly referred to as spot lighting, up-lights are placed in the ground and directed up to direct attention to certain parts of your home, commonly plants, the deck, trees, the house itself, and more.

Lighting taller objects like trees and the like should be done with bullet-shaped lights staked into the ground. Their adjustable head sits above ground and casts light over a longer distance, making the subject much more in-focus.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Outdoor Lighting Installation

Still hungry for more information on how to light up your property? Call Ryan Gath Electric to request a FREE estimate for indoor or outdoor electrical lighting upgrades. We’ve been the Middlesex County’s favorite residential and commercial outdoor lighting provider for over a 10 years, PLUS we offer same-day service when available! No one knows how to light up the night quite like us! Our team will provide you with outstanding customer service in addition to your new outdoor light fixtures.

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Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

  • Electrical
Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

Spruce Up Your House This Spring With Outdoor Lighting

While we are still stuck in the clutches of cold, rainy days, we look forward to the warmth of spring. At this point, it is not too late to consider updating your home’s exterior to give it a fresh look once warmer weather comes around. Consider the following home improvement ideas from Ryan Gath Electric to spruce up your house this spring with outdoor lighting!

Add Additional Lighting to Your Patio Area

Have some outdoor lighting installed around your patio and/or garden. The days may be getting longer but that doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to head back inside when the sun does go down, so add a few lights and stay out as late as you’d like. You can opt for subtle, softer lights to illuminate your walking path or go for more eye-popping, party lights. The styles, designs and functionality options are endless!

Consider Additional Outlets

Have outdoor outlets installed. Outdoor outlets are some of the best and handiest electrical upgrades available. Imagine how convenient it would be if you had a weatherproof outlet in reach every time you wanted to plug in an appliance, radio, etc. And outdoor outlets aren’t just handy for spring, you’ll also be happy to have them when the holiday season rolls around and you don’t have to run ugly, heavy extension cords all over the place.

Install an Electronic Fire Pit

Install an electrical fire pit. Electrical fire pits provide you with all of the benefits of a traditional fire pit, without the headache of having to chop the wood yourself.

Hire a Local Electrician

With these suggestions in mind, it would not hurt to consider hiring an electrician to assist with some of these ideas. Both police along with insurance issuers agree that having good outdoor lighting can deter potential theft or home invasion.

Various Upgrades to Your Exterior

Line your walkway with hanging electric lanterns. Just imagine your lush garden lined with beautiful lanterns, all lit up on a lovely spring night. There are thousands of designs and style outdoor lanterns you can choose from. Plus, once you have lanterns professionally installed, they are fairly easy to maintain and if you choose the right type of long lasting light bulbs you won’t have to worry about constantly changing burnt bulbs.

If hanging lanterns aren’t the kind of outdoor electrical upgrades you’re looking for, try lining your walkway with accent lights. Accent lights can either be embedded in the ground or above ground with lights that almost look like little lamps, stuck in the ground. Both options offer unlimited possibilities for style and design so you can choose the best option to fit your personal style. Many people like to opt for the in-ground lighting option because this option makes lawn maintenance easier.

When you hear string lights, you probably think Christmas lights, but string lights offer so much more possibilities than that! Just imagine relaxing on your porch or garden at night, with a beautiful display of string lights hanging overhead.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric For Outdoor Lighting This Spring

The nights are getting longer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be ready to come inside once the sun goes down! Wave Electric Company specializes in installation of outdoor lighting for homes and businesses throughout Tinton Falls and the surrounding areas, so you can make the most out of your outdoor space this spring. Our team will also provide you with outstanding customer service in addition to your new outdoor light fixtures. Call Ryan Gath Electric to request a free estimate for indoor or outdoor electrical lighting upgrades. We offer same-day service when available!

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5 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

5 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

  • Electrical
  • Generators
5 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

5 Reasons To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

In the last few years, we’ve seen a massive boom in the prevalence of electric vehicles. Ten years ago, electric cars seemed a curious novelty at most, available to a select, wealthy few. Now our roads are more full than ever with environmentally-friendly electrically charged vehicles. While the growing popularity of such vehicles is a huge win for the climate (and their manufacturers), EVs still present one key problem: the charging station. Ryan Gath Electric gives you these 5 reasons to install an EV charging station at your business.

One of the primary cons of owning an EV is and always has been a lack of charging opportunities. Despite the boom in EV ownership, the necessary charging facilities have failed to keep up with demand. Installing a new charging station can seem like a daunting task without much benefit to you as a business owner. But when you closely examine the pros and cons, you’ll find the former far outweigh the latter.

1. It Brings In Business 

Having a charging station installed at your business will act as a beacon for EV owners in your area. Like moths to a bright light bulb, EV owners in your area will flock to your charging station, especially if you occupy an area with a scarcity of stations. Charging stations bring traffic to your business. And not just traffic, regular traffic. The patrons of your charging station will return again and again to power up their vehicles.  The people a charging station brings in will eventually be stopping by for more than just their daily charge. These individuals are sure to stop in and patronize your business after being there everyday for weeks and weeks.

2. Installing An EV Charging Station At Your Business Is Probably Less Expensive Than You Think

Most folks think that a charging station is a hefty, cost-prohibitive investment. And while it is true that a station is an investment, it’s not an unrealistic expenditure for a lot of business owners. It largely depends on how you get it installed, but it can cost little as $700 to install an EV charging station at your business, depending on the model. Ask your local provider about pricing options and you’ll probably surprise yourself.

3. It’s Good For Branding

You don’t need us to tell you how important branding is. Branding lets your customers and the general public know what you’re all about as an organization. People love to find businesses that support good causes and stand for the things they stand for. EV charging stations represent a shift toward green sustainable energy. The incorporation of these stations shows your customers that your organization supports sustainable energy and is environmentally conscious. This will drive brand loyalty and support for your business as consumers come to understand that you support causes that they endorse.

4. Tax Benefits

It’s been said that there are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes.  A charging station may not be able to do much to stop the first one, but it can help your business out with the IRS. Because of their positive impact on the environment, the government has seen fit to allow tax benefits for individuals and businesses ready to embrace electric vehicles.  Due to these new guidelines, it’s possible to receive a 30% tax credit of up to $30,000 dollars when you install an EV charging station at your business. As with all things related to taxes, your mileage will vary. We encourage you to look further into the IRS guidance on the subject to learn more about how exactly a charging station could benefit your business’s tax status.

5. State and Local Incentives 

The federal government isn’t the only one trying to encourage folks to go green. Most state and local governments have also adopted programs to incentive individuals and businesses to install EV charging stations. The Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program offers to fund the installation of certain charging stations in public places and at workplaces. Local incentives are even more varied, but it’s worth checking out what kind of benefits you stand to gain by checking out your area’s guidelines.

Contact Ryan Gath Electric To Install An EV Charging Station At Your Business

Wave Electric specializes in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in homes and businesses throughout New Jersey, and can provide your patrons with a convenient way to charge their electric or hybrid vehicle without having to search for the nearest public charger. No more range anxiety. Call Ryan Gath Electric for more information on government-funded incentives and rebates you may qualify for if you install an EV charging station at your business! The licensed electricians at Ryan Gath Electric offer same-day electric vehicle charging station services when available.

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