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5 Signs That Your Chelmsford Ductless Heating System Needs a Fix

5 Signs That Your Chelmsford Ductless Heating System Needs a Fix

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The winter season is almost here, which means we’re all thinking about the same thing… our ductless heating systems. Well, maybe you’re thinking about holiday treats, family time, and gift-giving, but don’t forget that this is the best time to prep your heating too. Your heating appliances are used the most during the holidays so it’s crucial to tune up and repair any damages. Ductless heating systems can be a popular choice for homeowners because of their energy efficiency and low maintenance, but they can still be prone to damages. Nothing makes for a miserable winter than a busted heater, which is why it’s crucial to check for potential damages.

When You Need to Repair Your Chelmsford Ductless Heating System

Just like any major appliance, your ductless heating system is prone to a variety of problems. The average lifespan of a ductless heating system is usually up to 20 years with proper maintenance. Over time, your heater breaks down from use and damages. You may also be dealing with more problems if your Chelmsford ductless heating system is nearing the end of its lifespan. It’s best to catch and repair the problems early, as that ensures your heater will work effectively this winter. To stay warm this winter, here are a few problems to watch out for.

  • Leaking fluids. Your ductless heating should never leak any fluids, but if it is, your heater could be leaking refrigerant. In order to transfer heat throughout your home, your ductless heating system is equipped with refrigerant. Refrigerant is toxic for your health and a heater empty of refrigerant is nothing more than a fan. If your ductless heating system is leaking fluids, it’s time for a repair.
  • Ice buildup. Whether it’s in the middle of the summer or in the dead of winter, your ductless system can experience problems. If something is wrong with the air conditioning portion of your ductless system, it will affect your heating. Ice buildup on a ductless system might seem harmless when you’re using the air conditioning, but it’s usually a sign that there’s something wrong with the evaporator coil. A dirty coil prevents your ductless system from functioning properly.
  • Lack of efficiency. Starting from day one, your ductless heating system’s efficiency gradually starts to decline. If you start to notice that you’re ductless heating system is cycling more often to keep up with your heating demands, it could be time for a repair.
  • Higher utility bills. As your ductless heating system ages, it wears down and loses its efficiency. A ductless heater usually lasts for 20 years with the proper care, but it’s full of components that can break apart from use and needs repair. The older the heater, the longer it runs to keep your house warm which results in higher utility bills.
  • Unusual sounds. If you start hearing loud or unusual sounds coming out of your ductless heating system, it could be time for a repair. Inside are several different moving parts, and if damaged, they’ll make noises. Squealing indicates that there could be a problem with the fan motor belt. A hissing sound could mean a refrigerant leak.

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