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Smoke Detectors

The safety of your family is of the utmost importance to you. Why would you risk it with an amateur smoke detector installation or service? Smoke detectors work best when they are hardwired into the wall with a battery backup just in case there is a power outage. Electricians are best suited to safely handle any wiring task and make sure that everything is functioning properly. Don’t go any longer than you need to without a smoke detector in one or more of the rooms of your home. Call a licensed electrician for the highest quality smoke detector installation possible.

The friendly electricians at Ryan Gath Electric care about your family’s safety just as you do. We can help you to select the smoke detector that works best in your home and make sure that it is in an optimal location for detection. If you leave this job in the hands of one of our trained experts, you can count on a job well done, as we will take every precaution possible to make sure that it is secure and operational. Give us a call today to schedule smoke detector installation in Chelmsford, MA and the surrounding areas all the way to Southern NH and Southern ME.

Ryan Gath Electric provides smoke detector services in Chelmsford, MA and the surrounding areas all the way to Southern NH and Southern ME.

Count on Us for Smoke Detector Installation Compliance

The law requires that every home in the state contains a photoelectric smoke detector, no matter when the home was constructed. This means you need a smoke detector on every floor and within 20 feet of a kitchen or bathroom. You also must have a smoke detector right by every room in which someone sleeps. In short, any room in the house can benefit from smoke detector installation. Why put your family’s health at risk? Schedule smoke detector replacement as soon as it is necessary or schedule smoke detector installation for new construction or if your home is not yet up to code.

How Do Smoke Detectors Work?

The way a photoelectric smoke detector works is actually quite interesting. A beam of light runs from one end of the device to another. As smoke enters the unit, it interrupts the light, which then scatters. A sensor detects this interruption, and sends a signal to the alarm. While ionization sensors are the second most common type of smoke detector, photoelectric units react faster to slowly rising smoke or fire which may not immediately wake a sleeping resident. Our electricians recommend these units (and Massachusetts state law requires them). When we install these in your home, we’ll wire them directly into the electrical system. Though there is a battery backup as well, this will not have to be the sole source of power to the unit.

Smoke Detector Installation & Replacement Services in Chelmsford, Southern NH and Southern ME

If you need smoke detector installation in your home, count on the help of our experts. Whether you need smoke detector installation for new construction, smoke detector replacement, or new installation for an existing home which is not yet to code, our experts can help. We’ll make sure that the smoke detector operates properly so that you can feel good about this aspect of your home safety.

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