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Surge Protection

You take care of the electrical equipment in your home as much as you can, keeping fixtures and electronic gadgets free of dust and away from any sources of water. However, if a power surge damages the inside of an electronic device, there’s not much you can do. Power surges may occur unexpectedly for any number of reasons. But you can take preventive action with professional surge protection services.

Whole-house surge protection services are available from the talented electricians at Ryan Gath Electric. This does not mean that we install power strips throughout the outlets in your house. Whole-home protection means installing a single unit that protects all of the electrical components of your home from damage which shortens the lifespan of your equipment. Contact our technicians to speak with some of the top technicians around for electrical installation or to schedule surge protection services.

Ryan Gath Electric provides surge protection services in Chelmsford, MA and the surrounding areas, Southern NH and Southern ME

Why Do You Need Whole House Surge Protection?

Many homeowners have experienced a power surge at some time or another. Sometimes, the only effect is a sudden loss of power which returns shortly afterwards. When you turn on a hair dryer, a small power surge can dim the lights briefly or cause them to flicker. This is because the voltage fluctuation is relatively low. A lightning strike to electrical equipment would cause a major fluctuation, while a tree limb against a power line or blockage in a transformer may be somewhat less severe. Surges may also come in through phone or cable lines or as power returns to your home after an outage. When any one of these power surges occurs, the damage can be severe.

The most severe types of power surges, while rare, can completely destroy some of the most important electrical equipment in your home. These high–voltage spikes may completely fry circuitry, causing components to melt and become entirely useless. The greatest risk of this is anything that uses a microprocessor (as a computer does). And you may not realize just how many components of your home do: even many dishwashers and refrigerators have complicated settings and circuitry to make them customizable and appealing to consumers.

More likely, however, you won’t notice the effects of a smaller power surge right away. These surges can slowly eat away at wiring, so that your electrical equipment does not last as long as intended. You can plug in some of your electronics to a power strip, many of which have surge protection built in. However, this is not reliable enough to protect all of the sensitive electrical equipment in your home.

We Offer Whole–House Surge Protection Services in Chelmsford, Southern NH and Southern ME

Whole–house surge protection installation requires professional knowledge of home electrical systems. An electrician can install this at your main service panel so that every single electrical component in your home has the protection it needs. However, you may continue to use power strips as additional defense against damage.

The Ryan Gath Electric team is happy to install surge protectors for our customers. When you decide it’s time to protect the costly electronics you operate on a daily basis, or if you need whole–house surge protection services for a new home, contact one of our experts today.

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